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    The gen 2 "LT1" is a normal sbc from the block down dimension wise. All you need is sbc frame pads and the other stuff that goes along with the swap. The accessoies are a pita. I remember something about the ac compressor being in an odd spot and requiring a notch in the frame? The rest is easy.

    At this point in time you'd be miles ahead of the game swapping as LS with the sequential injection instead of the multi port. The lt1 had the best flowing heads gm ever made at the time. That's reason for its superiority over a normal sbc. The rest of it is nothing to write home about. The ignition and injection is 80s technology...

    For what its worth there is no reason why your current power plant can be reliable enough to drive across the country and get good millage to boot..
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    Chirp chirp .....(crickets)
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    I don't know who you think you are amusing (lol'ing yourself ?) but I for one do not find your posts constructive, helpful, or anyway in the least "Going Fast with Class".

    Certainly, the original poster doesn't find your posts helpful or LOL .. so really now, help all of us understand - what is your point ?
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    I never say things with an angry voice, but I will say what I want.........In the old days lets say , prior to 2000, everyone took great pride in Brand loyalty, I started my Car Life that way and so did 99% of the guys we all knew, I love it that way , its competitive. My point is simple, this is Buicks, if they want to disgrace their Buick by transplanting something else into it then that's their choice and there are forums for that, and if they want to put a Buick heart into something else that's a different point altogether. But I believe it rubs tons of guys here the wrong way but they are too PC to voice it, I am not. Want to brag Chevy, then go there, Want to brag Ford same thing(which I am also a 5.0 guy) but I don't bring it here, that would be showing my ass, which is what these guys are doing IMO.

    And consequently YOU are doing the same by responding to my comments which have nothing to do with you, but you feel compelled to stick you nose in don't you?

    I am being constructive and defending the BUICK and all her Glory. Class demands that I also be loyal.
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    Post pics as you go along. Anyone wrenching on their car to get some good road time out of it is okay in my book.
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    I am looking forward to seeing pics and info on your build...I too have been thinking about this swap in my 67..Appreciate you sharing your build with us..:cool:
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    Thanks Jim. I wasn’t trying to start a shiz storm. Just an attempt to get some advise. I felt like I was back in a mopar group. lol
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    I think Buick guys are just very brand loyal and proud of the Buick only engines, also all the Buick guys I know are good humored and agitators', so I think they were just busting your balls. I'm sure no offense was meant..... Just my two cents.
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    My comment to this is that the iron is not high or low tech as much as the electronics are.
    My education and experience shows that Buicks have better combustion tech incorporated into their castings back in the 60's than sbc lt1's do in the mid 90's.
    It's quite provable.
    If anyone has an opinion otherwise, I'm not listening.
    The main reason for the continuance of that sbc platform was simply costs.
    Every engine will respond to the benefits of the electronics.
    It doesn't get better than how good they run already, just that they can handle wider temperature and altitude conditions.
    Both OEM carb and EFI applications are intentionally detuned, so any arguments on performance are pointless.

    So it's not just that the forum has diehard enthusiasts...
    It is being viewed that the 'tech' with this swap is somewhat backwards.
    It would likely be a better performing swap in every regard to put EFI on the Buick, but there's no disrespect from me for wanting a fairly hassle free swap.

    I personally don't care about the swap either way, just that the owner is happy with his vehicle.
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    Yes, that's what I'd do, nice and easy bolt on. Bing, Bang, Done.
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