list of well proven 200-4R applications

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  1. Cutlass

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    EDIT 20181104:

    In this thread my intension was to have a thread to just collect data about the various swaps which already have been successfully accomplished (kind of a library).

    Since then I got thinking and concluded, that for my swap project it will be very usefull to have a thread where everyone interested can just contribute and nobody (including me) feels somewhat bound to the particular format of the thread.

    This was my motivation to open a new thread.

    Having that said I would like to encourage everybody to continue with this thread in his initial intension as hopefully becoming somewhat a library for future references.

    At the same time I want to ask you guys to share your wisdom while answering the thousands of questions which will come up in my swap-project, using the new thread above.

    Hopefully my intensions come across ok, as english is not my native tongue.

    I also ammended below format with
    "Carburator / Intake Manifold: [stock or name]"

    Thank you, Ralf

    I am thinking of changing my TH400 to a 200-4R in my 1970 GS455. As I live in Germany I need to make the right decisions right away and need to source the right parts in the first attempt or shipping costs will kill me (not mentioning the downtime of the car while waiting for a part to be shipped from US).

    I used the search function here on the board and on google quite a lot.

    Still for my own sake, and hopefully for the sake of others who might go the same route, I would like to initiate a comprehensive list of well working swaps all in one thread. I tried to cover all loose ends with the little questionaire below. My hope is, that many of the fellow board members who have done the swap already just quote the questionaire and complement it with their respective information (replacing my examples in [brackets]. I hope, that if we all stick to the scheme we will be able to collect a lot of comprehensive information in a very dense manner.

    In order to stick to the purpose of the thread, I ask not to discuss sense or nonsens of the swap.

    If a somewhat similar list is already exisiting on this board, I welcome any hints to it.
    Many thanks already to everyone who is willing to share his experience.

    OK, let's get started:

    My motivation to do the swap: [wanting OD]
    Vehicle: [1970 GS 455]
    Purpose of car: [Cruiser / Racer]
    Engine and HP: [455 / 350hp]
    Transmission which was replaced: [TH350 / TH400]
    Driveshaft modifications: [none, longer, shorter,...]
    Rear End ratio: [2.56]
    Tyre dimensions: [245/60/15]
    200-4R from source: [junkyard, transmission shop around the corner, big vendor like TCI, Monstertrans, name or link]
    Performance modification to the transmission: [Stage 1,2,3, or describe individual modifications]
    Modifications to the governor: [none or description]
    Carburator / Intake Manifold: [stock or name]
    TV cable hardware kit from source:
    [name or link]
    Torque converter stall speed: [3.200]
    TC with or without lockup: [w, w/o]
    Lockup-kit from source: [name or link]
    What would I do different: [if at all :)]
    Link to my swap story: [link]
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  2. cruzn57

    cruzn57 cruzn57

    I would suggest contacting Lonnie Diers -
    it will be a one time purchase, and you will not regret it, he has done more research and development on 2004r trans, that almost anyone, ( Chris at CK also has done alot of development)
    my 72 skylark
    cruiser, hot rod, doubtful it will ever see a drag strip!
    430, (350HP?) soon to be 455 (450 HP?)
    was 350, now 2004r
    same drive shaft
    2.56, but will be 3.42
    285-35-18 (26 in tall)
    trans came from my grand national, (all stock)
    but have a built 2004r waiting .
    stock BRF governor, (brf is GN trans)
    GN (D5) converter (2000-2100 rpm with V6, more with 455 torque)
    YES! LOCKUP! purchased a "lock up " kit on ebay, $50-75
    I would do it sooner, rather than later,

    the 200 has a lower 1st gear than the 350, 2.74 vs 1.48.
    so even with 2.56, it is ok.
    the OD is so much more pleasant to drive down the road,
    typically 70 mph is 1600 rpm, (with 2.56) which equals close to 18 mpg , if driven politely.

    please DO NOT let anyone tell you to go to NON LOCK UP, it creates excessive heat,
    and defeats the purpose of and OD trans,
  3. Taulbee2277

    Taulbee2277 Silver Level contributor

    Second the recommendation from Lonnie @ extreme automatics

    My motivation to do the swap: Low RPM Cruising, steeper 1st gearing
    Vehicle: 1972 Skylark
    Purpose of car: Cruiser, occasional track
    Engine and HP: Buick 350 / 340hp
    Transmission which was replaced: TH350
    Driveshaft modifications: None, did have to drill new holes in the frame when cross-member moved back
    Rear End ratio: 3.42, wanted to swap to 3.92
    Tire dimensions: 255/60/15
    200-4R from source: Extreme Automatics
    Performance modification to the transmission: Stage 1
    Modifications to the governor: Shifted at 5,500 at WOT, left it in D at the track.
    TV cable hardware kit from source: Pieced together factory style stuff.. welded proper arm to throttle shaft on 72 Q-Jet
    Torque converter stall speed: 2,800, built by Extreme automatics
    TC with or without lockup: With, switched by additional foot activated dimmer on floor
    Lockup-kit from source: Extreme Automatics
    What would I do different: Order sooner, not waste money on previous 2 TH350 transmissions
    Link to my swap story: None
    Side Comments: Ordered an aluminum pan to prevent any weeping from the factory stamped piece (I hate leaks). Careful pressure checks in all gears and get cable length adjusted correctly. In the end it made all aspects of driving much better, highway cruising was very pleasant.
  4. 12lives

    12lives Engage! - Jean-Luc Picard

    Hopefully you found the turbo board, if not check out their info on the 200R4:

    Don't know if you meant to keep your rear ratio. You will want a higher gear with the overdrive.
  5. Bens99gtp

    Bens99gtp Well-Known Member

    never had a 200 built, but have felt with cr performance b4. minus being a little tough to get ahold of sometimes, the service and product is spot on. I know in stk form they are a soft trans but a few key parts fix that. the 1st gear is slightly more than a th40 but not crazy high like the 700r4.

    if I were building a street cruiser this would be my choice, could run a mid 3 final drive and keep good rpms. try to target 1800 or 2000 at your regular highway speeds, might slightly give up some mpg but wont lug and downshift on the highway on larger hills as bad
  6. sailbrd

    sailbrd Well-Known Member

    Some warnings about the "big names" that you find on the internet. Most of them are crap! Like the guys before said call Lonnie or Chris, tell them what you are doing and get all the stuff from either of them. Do it once and do it right. What you are doing is really no big deal for the trans. Run the 3:42 gear with short tire (26 inch) 3:73 with a tall tire (28 inch.)
    As far as what I run:
    Motor: 462 D-1 Procharger, Fitech FI running about 650 hp
    Trans: CZ code built by my friend who is as good as any in the country. Don't know what the heck he does (he tells me... I don't understand) except for one of Lonnies billet forward drums.
    Converter: Edge 9.5 inch, carbon lockup clutches, 2800 stall
    Gear and tires: 3:73 with 275/60/15 drag radials, usually Nittos (tires don't last long)
    TV cable setup: stock GM with Bowtie overdrives Holley style adapter modified to work on the Fitech.
    Don't spend the money on the Bowtie overdrives kit not worth it. When I was running a Q-Jet we cut off the GM bracket and welded a Holley bracket on the end of the shaft... don't do that either. I bet one of the Q-Jet builders here could come up with a better solution.

    I did it because I like to destroy tires but be able to cruise down the highway comfortably. Did not do a thing for my fuel millage but what do you expect with over 600 hp.
  7. Cutlass

    Cutlass Platinum Level Contributor

    Thanks guys, keep it going. If not to much to ask, the way like Taulbee did it.
  8. Julian

    Julian Well-Known Member

    TH 350 first gear is 2.52 not listed above. 2nd gear is 1.52
  9. black70buick

    black70buick Well-Known Member

    A GN setup for reference - not much but I assume every little bit of information helps.

    My motivation to do the swap:
    No motivation, just wanted the car.
    Vehicle: 1987 GN
    Purpose of car: Burn tires
    Engine and HP: est HP >500hp // 3.8, .040 over, 61mm Turbo, 60# injectors, Alky kit, TT5.6 non emission chip, 23# boost.
    Transmission which was replaced: original BRF TH2004R built to handle more HP. (builder unknown, was done prior purchase of car.)
    Driveshaft modifications: unknown but new
    Rear End ratio: 3.42 rear end (GU6/G80/G87 RPO codes)
    Tyre dimensions: 295 55 R15 (26" tall 12"wide)
    200-4R from source: Original, built up before I bought car. builder unknown, was done prior purchase of car.
    Performance modification to the transmission: Paperwork states " larger bands, billet servo, high pressure pump" (builder unknown, was done prior purchase of car.)
    Modifications to the governor: Not known
    TV cable hardware kit from source: NA
    Torque converter stall speed: 3200 8" vigilante
    TC with or without lockup: with
    Lockup-kit from source: OEM
    What would I do different: Nothing
    Link to my swap story: none.
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  10. techg8

    techg8 The BS GS

    For those looking to adapt a (buick or olds) quadrajet to TV cable function, I've got a TV arm conversion kit. Just an fyi. Call everyday performance LLC with any questions.
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  11. sailbrd

    sailbrd Well-Known Member

    Wish I had that setup when I was running a q-jet.
  12. Mart

    Mart Gold level member

    Don't forget to get a trans cooler!
  13. knucklebusted

    knucklebusted Well-Known Member

    My motivation to do the swap: Wanted to drop cruise RPM without sacrificing hole shot
    Vehicle: 1970 GS Stage 1
    Purpose of car: Cruiser / Curve Carver
    Engine and HP: 462 / 425-ish hp]
    Transmission which was replaced: SP400
    Driveshaft modifications: swapped in a TH350 1971 Skylark for a perfect fit
    Rear End ratio: 3.73
    Tyre dimensions: 275/60/15
    200-4R from source: transmission shop a little ways off
    Performance modification to the transmission: I asked for and paid for a 500+HP/Torque transmission
    Modifications to the governor: unknown
    TV cable hardware kit from source: universal TV cable, tab welded to my base throttle arm and universal TCI TV/throttle bracket
    Torque converter stall speed: 2500
    TC with or without lockup: with lockup, drops another 200-300 RPM at cruise speed
    Lockup-kit from source: unknown
    What would I do different: I'd have done it sooner.
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  14. 70 gsconvt

    70 gsconvt Silver Level contributor

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  15. TexasT

    TexasT Texas, where are you from

    My motivation to do the swap: Wanted to try a trans overhaul. Have had problems with the 2004r since new and car had a 700r4 swapped in in 1990
    Vehicle: 1987 Turbo Regal
    Purpose of car: Burn tires, and win races
    Engine and HP: est HP 325hp // 3.8, stock, stock Turbo, 42# injectors, TT5.6 non emission chip, 23# boost.
    Transmission which was replaced: TH700r4
    Driveshaft modifications: Swapped back to a used stock drive shaft. Installed new u joints
    Rear End ratio: 3.42 rear end (G80/G87/GU6 RPO codes)
    Tyre dimensions: 215 75 R15 (26" tall 7"wide)
    200-4R from source: AA code unit from an 84 Cadillac. I bought several from the wrecking yard. Chris from ck performance had posted this was a good core to start with, I agree
    Modifications to the governor: Pinned the spring to the weight, did some weight swapping, and spring swapping and took a few trans fluid baths in the process
    TV cable hardware kit from source: Stock
    Torque converter stall speed: 28-3000 rpm that will flash nicely depending on how hard/amount of boost you launch it with
    TC with or without lockup: with, it is a custom 245mm core unit, shameless plug for
    Lockup-kit from source: OEM
    What would I do different: Nothing
    Link to my swap story:
    Fortunately I learned a LOT along the way. I'm doing a 4l60e now for our suburban.

    I would also like to point out there are a lot of differing opinions on these transmissions, and on the internet as a whole. I did a bunch of spring swapping, upgrades and other mods that were in the ck perf book, on the internet, and other magazines I had read. There were other things I didn't do, like buy a "shift kit". I read the instructions for every one that I could find and did the things that made sense to me. Also there will be those who tell you you cant, shouldn't or it wont turn out well, but I quit listening to the nay Sayers and jumped in. I had a great time assembling my 2004r and get a giddy feeling every time it snaps into third. You cant get that by writing a check to someone. Or at least I don't think so.
  16. HotRodRivi

    HotRodRivi Tomahawks sighted overseas

    Wares the heavy duty sprags, roller cluch, many hard parts. Any so cslled beefed up trany better include more than a lockup kit.
  17. chrisg

    chrisg Silver Level contributor

    Late to the thread, but here goes anyway:

    My motivation to do the swap: Figured might as well do it while swapping 350 for 455
    Vehicle: 1972 Skylark
    Purpose of car: Weekend cruiser, show car, occasional drag strip fun
    Engine and HP: TSP 470, 605 HP
    Transmission which was replaced: TH 350
    Driveshaft modifications: none required
    Rear End ratio: 3.23
    Tyre dimensions: 245/60/15
    200-4R from source: Extreme Automatics Stage 2
    Performance modification to the transmission: Billet overdrive ring gear in addition to standard EA Stage 2 goodies
    Modifications to the governor: 5400 RPM shift point, still not high enough for my engine (with HP peak at 6100)
    TV cable hardware kit from source: Bowtie Overdrives
    Torque converter stall speed: 3000, 9.5" from TSP
    TC with or without lockup: With
    Lockup-kit from source: TCI vacuum controlled and B&M speed controlled in series with time delay relay on vacuum controlled switch
    What would I do different: Nothing

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