Let's see some sportwagon pic's

Discussion in 'Drag'n Wagons' started by Dave Hanlon, Jul 28, 2005.

  1. BuickWidow

    BuickWidow 67 GS Needs help

    Is yours yellow too? Can't tell yellow or white on my screen.
  2. 1936turboford

    1936turboford Member

    Is a cream or off white color. Originally was ivory gold.

  3. rattlikeme

    rattlikeme skywagon

    Here's my wagon. I got big plans.

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  4. Wally's GS

    Wally's GS Active Member

    This is a shot of my 69 Sportwagon at our local track (Gimli) last weekend and ran 14.94 @ 90 mph. you can check out the video at
    http://media.putfile.com/SV100309 It is Xvid format if it dosen't work, you can get the codec here http://www.xvidmovies.com/codec/ The vid is about 8 mb

    The Mustang ran a faster 14.85 but I was quicker at the light .543 to his 1.12 reaction time, so I got to the end first.

    It's a stock 1971 455 out of a $300 car the only thing I did was put on a HEI with a curve kit.The wagon has factory 3.23 posi,air,tilt,sport wheel and is a 8 seater with power rear window.The car did run 14.79 on the G-tec on a cooler day, with no head wind.

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  5. 12.0 wagon

    12.0 wagon Grocerys optional

    Hey, Not a sporty but what the heck! Bret :cool:

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  6. 12.0 wagon

    12.0 wagon Grocerys optional

    Thanks to Denis Leblanc at new england dragway.

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  7. jmccart

    jmccart John McCarthy

    These last 3 photos are awesome. Hey 12.0, is that an Al radiator behind the grill there?

    I bought the 68 wagon/430/400 off of Gransportsedan (http://www.v8buick.com/showthread.php?t=74455). It will be picked up late this week and shipped over here to CA. Lookin foreward to the fun.
  8. 12.0 wagon

    12.0 wagon Grocerys optional

    Yup! its a BeCool . I had a tierd 3core , so I looked for the extra cooling capabilities and a little in wieght savings. No regrets. Bret
  9. Bad Boattail

    Bad Boattail Guest

    And a few from the Netherlands:



  10. StriperSS

    StriperSS Well-Known Member

    You all have some nice wagons there. I've always liked the Buick Sport Wagons, and maybe one day I'll find one.

  11. vista461

    vista461 Not so fine, my B-09

    Hey that wagon looks familiar :laugh:
    Were you guys at the BOP race at Great Lakes Dragaway this summer?
  12. AlaskaBuick

    AlaskaBuick Well-Known Member

    70 Stage 2

    11.80 @113 1.78 60'... What A Dog..

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  13. 12.0 wagon

    12.0 wagon Grocerys optional

    I sure hope thats sarcasim.
  14. avc1966

    avc1966 Well-Known Member

    The wagon looks like it has come a long way Dennis. Tony :TU:
  15. Deuce&Quarter

    Deuce&Quarter Active Member

    Absolutely beautiful pictures!
  16. gotbuick

    gotbuick What, me worry?

    That's better than the nether regions. :TU:
  17. AlaskaBuick

    AlaskaBuick Well-Known Member

    Sort of,
    I know she will run in the 11's but need to get the final Tune and correct set up. Still learning about her. Went to 3:90 from 3:31 and did not see much gain? Had the same 60' but was spinning with the 3:90. Car definatly likes the 3:90 better. The car started to lean out and pop at the end of the run with the 3:90's as well.

    Just need to get her to launch, richen her up and MPH a little better and Ill be their!

    Maybe I could loose a little weight? It is a full weight car, nothing removed.

    Hey any advice on tire to run? I was running a 27.5 x 10" slick, think I may try a taller tire next year.

    What about tire pressure in the slicks? Im sure it is a little different then the norm with all the weight we have on the tires.

    Yeah Tony,
    I have done alot of work on her, have destroyed about everything you can think of one time or another. Is the wagon you have the same one I seen in Jamies yard several years ago?

    I have had more fun in my wagon street racing then you should be allowed to have. :3gears:

  18. jmccart

    jmccart John McCarthy

    Ooooooh Alaska guy. Another bitchin wagon I must have the poop on! That thing is awesome.
  19. avc1966

    avc1966 Well-Known Member

    Hey Dennis, the wagon you saw at Jamie's was actually kinda a slut car. It went from Jamie to me to Jamie to Bruce to a board member in Ohio. I put that one together and switched alot of the trim off it because it was better than mine. Jamie actually got that one back from me in a trade and then resold it to another board member. The one I own now I have had about 3 years. Couldn't justify 2 wagons. I was running a 28 x 10 on the wagon with the 390's and have to set it into OD at the top end of the track. Not quite enough rpm in the motor to carry it through. I agree 390's are alot more fun. I was running around 14 lbs of air in my MT's. Couldn't come out of the hole as hard as I like, but he car was feeling to loose at high speeds with less air. I run my GTO with 11 lbs on the same slick, but the wagon is a bigger, heavier animal. Take care Tony
  20. AlaskaBuick

    AlaskaBuick Well-Known Member


    Well Tony,

    My wagon is a little loose at the high end as well, pretty fun though. It gets real squirrely out of the hole, I like it cuz you have to drive it. I even though it is only a 12's car it has the thrill of a 10 sec car because its all over the place.

    It is pretty well done now, I dumped some $$ into it to get it right. Running 4000 stall 9.5" converter with turbo 400. Really like the converter, drives like a normal car untill you nail it, got it from Jim Wiese. Put a 12 bolt out of a 71 Heavy Chevy a buddy found in a Junk yard. The Motor is a Stage 2 Aluminum headed mill built by Jim Burek, Dynoed at 587 ponies, no shortage of power, really runs good. I need to get the car to hook and she will run the number I want.

    Take care..


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