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  1. 1973gs

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    I've got a ladder bar set up in my prostreet GS. I understand that it's normal for the jam nut on the front of the ladder bar to loosen up over time, but after 120 miles, it's only finger tight. Over the winter, I removed the rod ends to inspect them. They looked fine, so I anti seized them, replaced the nuts, and reinstalled. I cranked them down as tight as I could get them, but they still loosened up. Should I try double nutting them?How about thread locker? I'm not crazy about thread locker because I know that removing and inspecting is part of regular maintenance. The front rod ends are poly bushed. Thanks
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  2. Dragdoc

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    Use blue thread lock after thoroughly cleaning all antiseize off and continue to check at regular, short intervals. If it proves to keep them from loosening then go longer periods
  3. 2001ws6

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    How about a Nyloc nut?
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  4. 1973gs

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    That's what I ended up doing and if it ever stops raining, I'll see how it works. Thanks
  5. 1973gs

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    That's what I would have liked to do, but I think that it would be difficult to start the Nyloc nut on the rod end since it would have to be started from the lock end of the nut. If the thread lock doesn't work, I'll try this. Thanks

    BQUICK Well-Known Member

    Mine do that. I think when car tries to twist it really can't with ladder bars so it tries to turn the nuts.
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    Double nut it.
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