Its not the speed, its the sudden stop!

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    That is too sad to hear! and the idiot who caused the accident, well... I could rant but what good.

    Prayers for your Brother and Sister in Law for a quick recovery and hopefully some serious compensation too.
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    Thanks Lee.

    He definitely needs more prayers, they removed the leg as mentioned and were set to do the pelvis repair but he has internal bleeding so they have to get that stabilized first. They are transfusing blood into him, hopefully the internal bleeding stops or they find where the bleeding is so they can fix that, soon!

    Its hurry up and wait until then.:(
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    Holy crap Derek, this pains me to read. Best wishes to your brother and sis-in law for a speedy and full (as full as possible) recovery. Really sucky deal....

    I quit riding a few years back, and as bad as the texting and driving thing has gotten, I'm not ever sure I'll get another bike. I miss it at times, but every day on my commute it's almost become a hobby to watch all the morons focus more on their phones than their driving.

    Anyway, sorry for the side track, sending well wishes and good vibes.
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    Thanks Shawn.

    Finally got to talk to him, he's in a whole lot of pain. They still haven't found where the bleed is yet, but he did just come from I think an MRI scan so they might have? I think they wanted to give him extra blood so they maybe could see where it is pooling at before the scan?

    His spirits seem to be good though because he was joking a bit when I talked to him but kind of crabby too because he's a smoker that can't have a smoke where he is. I told him there are easier ways to quit smoking than to go through what you did and go to the hospital. I got a ha ha very funny out of him and a little chuckle.

    He's not out of the woods yet though, not until they find and fix the internal bleeding!

    He's a wrestling fan him and his son and his son bought him WrestleMania tickets for his B-Day and the thing is this Sunday that he is going to miss now.

    Good choice to give up the bike Shawn! I would have one if there weren't anyone else on the road but there is so I don't. Maybe when the mindless can buy self driving cars the road will be safer for bikers?

    Its scary enough driving an antique car worrying about the yahoos let alone riding a motorcycle! At least with 4 wheels and seat belts the antique is less likely to crush us or send us flying.

    The one story that sticks in my mind and the biggest reason I have zero interest in having a motorcycle is that someone told me about a friend of his that got in a wreck with a bike, I don't even remember who told me the story but it is stuck in my mind about motorcycles. So the guy's friend is riding along and BAM he runs into this car that drove out in front of him and he goes flying over the handle bars and hits the rear view mirror, the mirror breaks off and all that is left is that post that holds the mirror up. That post ripped through his jeans and then ripped the guy's nuts off! That's all I remember about the story, but that was enough to keep me from ever wanting a motorcycle.(just wish I told my brother that story before this happened!)

    Also SO many other people that I know that ride that have gotten maimed, died or passenger dying from riding makes me stick to 4 wheels. Maybe someone thinking about getting a bike will think twice after reading this?
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    They found and fixed the internal bleeding, there were 2 areas that were bleeding, in the leg they took they had to go back in and fix a leak and in his pelvis. He went into surgery to reconstruct his right hip, femur and pelvis just after noon and 7 1/2 hour later he is all buttoned up and now on the mend, hopefully they don't have to go back in. Because of the low blood count they thought he had heavy internal bleeding but the low count was mainly from the blood lost on the site of the crash with the 2 spots they found were only minor drips.

    He is still in the IC where I would imagine he'll be there for the next couple of days and moved if everything is moving in the right direction. Then the LONG road to recovery, I'll keep everyone posted on his improvements.

    A big thanks for all the prayers I think they did the job to get him out of the woods but just in case please remember him in your future prayers, thanks.

    My little brother, 6'4" tall and weighing in at 240 to 250(although he claims 230,ha) and only 43 years old, I'm so relieved that I didn't loose the little guy!
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    That's good news. Thanks for the update.
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    Good news indeed! Keep up the healing there Brother!
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    Thank You for the update, Derek. Continued prayers for your Bro and his family. Is his wife doing okay?..........other than the expected worry and stress this has put them through.
    I have a cycle endorsement on my license. Every time I even think about exercising it and buying a bike, I hear about, or see on the news, something like this. AND most are caused by some dumbass not paying attention to driving.
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    Yes, April(my brother John's wife) because of how my brother shifted his body when the bike went down April only had minor scrapes, bruises and a sprained right ankle, she'll be totally fine in a week or so.

    I appreciate the continued prayers from all of whom are still sending prayers his way, thank you so much.

    Jerry if you do get a bike, it probably depends more on where and when you ride it. If you stick to more rural riding on country roads, 2 lane highways and only drive in small towns avoiding any kind of city driving you would probably be fine? The time of the day you ride I would think would also be a factor as well I would also think. Dusk and dawn probably not a good time of the day to ride because visibility not real good. Also avoid "rush hour" anywhere, which would be 6am to 9am and 3pm to 6pm is a good idea driving anything if you can help it.

    These bike wrecks happen within a blink of the eye, the only thing anyone can do when one happens is the way they react to one. Also if you do get a bike, get the saddle bags and the fairing and foot surrounds so if you have to lay it down it won't crush your legs.

    I seen a show on PBS a few years back about airbags on motorcycles and it looked like they were very effective but the rider has to make sure to ride straight into the obstruction that gets in their path. That is the worst way to do it without an airbag though because the rider and passenger would be sent flying over the handle bars and there is that mirror thing I wrote about in a previous post to remember.

    My brother did it the right way how he laid the bike down but his bike didn't have the above mentioned accessories, just foot pegs that immediately broke right off when the bike went down so no protection for his leg and foot from those! He had to use his body so his wife didn't get crushed under the bike which worked out good for his wife but not so good for him.
  10. Smokey15

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    Thanks Derek. Good to know April is physically doing well. I know that she is going through a lot of stress and worry for John. Tell her and your Bro that the gang here, at V8Buick, has them in our prayers.

    AND IF I ever do break down ad buy a bike, it'll have crash bars, front and rear.
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    My Prayers for your Brother, his Wife, and prayers for your Brother's doctors, nurses, and therapists.
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    Thanks James.
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    Prayers from up north!
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    Thanks Larry.
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    Been through what you are going through. I am sorry we can't be of more help but know we are praying for your brother, his wife and you.

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    Thanks Mikey.
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    Just thought I would update how my little brother John is doing;

    As of yesterday he is home now setup with home care for his rehab. His wife April is doing very well physically, her foot is almost healed. Unfortunately she has a little bit of PTSD from the incident and is unable get behind the wheel of her car because of what happened. Hopefully a couple of sessions with the shrink and she is as good as new?! Time will tell?

    John had the 60 staples and I think he said like 40 stitches removed last Monday and is still dependent on painkillers to manage his pain. I still have a hard time keeping it together when I go and see him, going to bring my mom to his house later today.(seeing how its after midnight now)

    Its going to be a long road to recovery with about another 6 months before he can be fitted with a prosthetic! When I seen him at the nursing rehab facility and talked to him on the phone, his spirits seamed to be on the upbeat side, I'm hoping they stay that way when the painkillers are taken away!

    Thanks for the prayers and please keep them coming for him, he still has a long way to go.
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    We will be thinking and remembering them and you in our prayers.
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  19. 300sbb_overkill

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    Thanks Eric.
  20. Smokey15

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    So good that your Bro, John and April are on the road to recovery. I hope that his positive attitude is permanent. And I pray that their mental and physical health continues to improve.
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