Installing a 200-4R in a 1970 GS, A Tutorial/Pictoral

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    I have no suggestions for you but wonder:

    Does it whine in every gear, all speeds? Only when manually selected gear or in OD and auto shifting?

    My new 200 whines if I pull it manually into 1st at low speed but haven't noticed it at any other time. I remember my old 350 and 400 making similar sounds. The 200 is quiet and smooth except for that and seems to work very well so far.

    Real curious to hear from an expert how concerned I (we) should be about a 1st gear whine.

    Good luck with your issues. :TU:
  2. 70 gsconvt

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    Because of the weather, I only took the car out once. The lockup took the rpm's down from around 2500 rpm's to around 2200 rpm's on the highway. I did leave it on at first. Car went through the gears and almost immediately locked up once I was in fourth. I was lumbering along at just over 1000 rpm's and the car did not like it a lot. So I will probably just switch it on when on the highway. It's easy as I put the switch in the glove box. There is a pic above.
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    Sounds almost identical to mine. I think our setups are pretty close (413 cam, sp-1, 3:73's,) does not like to lug in lockup. Around town I leave the lockup off. I was told by the guys at Bow Tie Overdrives that it is not a good idea to do 4th on the converter because of heat build up. I ignore that advice because I usually see about a max of 190* for temps.

    The weather! I went water skiing last Tuesday. I have 4 inches on the deck now and expect more! :Dou:
  4. 70 gsconvt

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    Well, got the car into Janis Transmissions and it looks like my new converter is bad. CK is going to take care of it, but I won't be able to get my car back until after BG. Man, this is frustrating.

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    Is that 190* on the engine or the transmission? Engine temp will not tell you trans temp. It would be a very good idea to have a trans temp gauge, at least temporarily until you see what the trans runs at different loads. I run non-lockup converter on my 200 and it rarely sees 180 with a good (and expensive) cooler.


  6. sailbrd

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    I agree that I need to get a trans temp guage put in. Working on some braided stainless lines before it gets hot this summer. Actually I hardly ever see 190* engine temps and usually have trouble getting the engine warm enough. This is especially true on the highway. It was 64* last night and I could only get the motor up to 150* so I think I need to restrict the bypass. Thanks for your concern.

    What is the matter with us(my wife says it's a desease?) Just when we have a setup dialed in we have to change something and start the process all over again. Sorry to hear that you are having problems getting the new setup going but that seems to be normal everytime I make a major change. Good luck and I am really looking forward to how your car works when you get the combination dialed in.
  7. 72buick350

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    know after using this method does the wire go to a 12 volt source?
  8. sailbrd

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    It's a 12 v source. I still have mine on a console switch because I do not like to use the lockup around town. Anytime I can cruise over 2000 rpm I can throw the switch and drop 300 rpm.
  9. 70 gsconvt

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    Well, I FINALLY got the bugs shaken out of the car and all is running well. I love the trans and it's great to be turning only 2300 rpm's at 70 mph! That's a new "theoretical" top speed of 186 MPH!!! Yea baby.

    Haven't gone out looking for a fight on the road, but I did blow off a 1971 or 72 Monte Carlo. He came up beside me on the highway and thought he was going to blow me right away with his 396/402. I loved the look on his passenger's eyes when I downshifted at 70 mph into third and said bye-bye. It was over before it really started. I slowed back down but he wouldn't even pull up next to me.
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    How did you get your lockup set? I used the B&M kitthat mounts into the speedo line and has an adjustable switch that I mounted in the glove box. It adjusts the lockup according to speed. I also wired the signal to break the lock to the brake lights at the pedal. Also the throttle cable/trans TV cable mount off a 79 vette mounts perfectly to a quadrajet and edlebrock and looks factory. I used the L arm kit on the edlebrock carb, similiar to your setup to attach the cable. Just wondering the particulars.

  11. sailbrd

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    Looks like you are going to need some wind tunnel time. Is that 186 going to be with the top up or down (or off in the weeds!) I wonder what the drag and lift #'s are on these bricks that we drive. I know that Ron Frakes said the GSX spoiler package is effective at reducing lift. Will have to ask him if he remembers the numbers. (Ron was in charge of the GSX project)
  12. 69GS400s

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    Rick Martinez had problems with his spoiler one year @ BG so he took it off...If I remember correctly the car slowed 2/10ths. Back in the pits, he re-connected the spoiler and picked the 2/10th right back up on the next run. This was when he was running lowww 10's I believe

    Phil - If I read correctly, you're running 3.73's ?? with the 200R4 first gear, what is that the equivalent of ?? 3.91's ?? 4.10's ??

    Also, what rear tire diameter are you running ??

    Thanks for taking the time to put this thread up for all of us to learn from :TU: :beer :TU:
  13. cray1801

    cray1801 Too much is just right.

    Alan, you're talking about the front spoiler, right?
  14. 70 gsconvt

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    Hi, my rear tires are 28" (325/50R15) and my fronts are 25.7" (225/60R15). So I already have a bit of a rake front to back. I also have the factory style front spoiler.
  15. 69GS400s

    69GS400s own amusement ride!

  16. 70 gsconvt

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    Just reviving the dead here. A couple people have PM'd about my install. So here it is.

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