If a 5.0 fox body ......

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  1. black70buick

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    If a 5.0 fox body appears in front of your house demonstrates that:

    1.) the exhaust isn't just loud but obnoxious
    2.) that when accelerating hard no traction is achieved - (low profile tires & clearly rock hard suspension)

    that both my grand national and riviera win because

    1.) they are not loud and obnoxious
    2.) that under hard acceleration the car moves (softer suspension and MTs.):cool:

    :Do No:

    I really don't know if this guy was truly showing off or it was coincidence since I was outside doing yard work and my was garage open. I do live on a main exit road for the neighborhood.

    There's a nice sounding late 90's 'maro that rolls out once in a while, but does not demonstrate the same level of recklessness as foxbody guy and by casual observance, the 'maro appears to be tuned and properly set up. Possibly a formidable competition at the track for the GN...if I ever go.

    Oh well. I consider it a win against loud fox body all bark no bite guy. :bla:
  2. Briz

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    Probably a kid in his first car. He's been seeing your nice rides as he pedaled a bicycle in and out of the neighborhood and wanted to show you he's wearing big boy pants now.
  3. 71skylark3504v

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    I'm not a fan of Mustangs in general but Fox Body ones are the absolute worst.

    I've seen several obnoxious Mustangs around here that looked like they were on a treadmill even though everyone within a mile radius can't hear their car radio.
  4. sriley531

    sriley531 Buckle up, this could get rough....

  5. black70buick

    black70buick Well-Known Member

    The sad part in all this was it was someone who appeared to be in the 40-50 age range. The car had some $s thrown at it, (wheels, paint, exhaust looked fresh) but these $s all seem to be in the arena of show. :Dou:

    I don't consider myself a racer, or a show off, but I do make noise (tire chirp and hard acceleration once in a while) it seems in my experience it is always the Fox body guys that demonstrate like this guy. Overboard - shiny and noisy, break traction (not just burn out) and flail all over the road ....and not much else.:Dou:

    I was almost hoping an officer would nail him.

    Oh well.
  6. TheSilverBuick

    TheSilverBuick In the Middle of No Where

    Probably related to the dingus's two houses over from me with a pair of "track only" Mopar's with big blocks and no mufflers that perpetually rev the piss out of their engines. They sound waaaaay rich and out of tune, always, in the three years I've lived at the house the sound hasn't changed. Then the one time I went to the track (with my Firebird) and they were there they barely idled and you could hear the engines breaking up going down the track. For as much as they free rev the piss out of those engines you'd think at least their tune would improve. I like the sound of a good running engine, theirs though...... just makes me cringe a little.
  7. faster

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    What is it with that mentality? They have relatives everywhere with the exact same car. I have em here too......

    Now I know many on this board don't like Mustangs but I have an 02 with a forged short block, KB twin screw blower and 5 speed. Dynoed 435hp/460tq at the wheels, 18-19 city/23-24 hwy. Bought the car completed for $8500. Been pounding on it since last Christmas and have only recently had to put tires, coils and plugs in it. Just finally changed the oil last week Oh yea and airbags in the rear coils for better launch. For a daily beater that I don't have to worry about leaving in a University parking lot all day it is a great car that is very quick and been super reliable. Now of course it does not have the class of the T or the Stage (which is slower by the way) but again I would not leave those in a parking lot everyday.

  8. buick64203

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    Real fox bodies have 4 headlights...just sayin.:bla:

    There's one parked in my driveway as I write this. Its got a FMS crate motor with aluminum heads, B303 cam, Cobra mass air, a T-5 with a 335 first gear and 3.55 out back. Its rotted to death and there's a cute blonde that owns it and knows how to drive it! Its a pretty quick little car and the damn thing never breaks even with Jen power shifting that little 302 at 6500.
  9. dl7265

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  10. 72STAGE1

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    Real Fox Body

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