How HARD/EASY is it to rebuild a TH350

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    I want to rebuild my transmission now that I found out it is bad and I dont want to pay 700 dollars to get it rebuilt. I know a rebuild kit is about 70 bucks so I am wondering is it pretty easy to mess up or is it one of those things that if you just take your time yo can do it? I rebuilt my motor that was pretty easy but I have never rebuilt a transmission I was planning to get a the haynes book for this even though I know some rebuild kits come with detailed instructions it wouldnt hurt to have more than one source for instructions. Any thoughts?
  2. buick535

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    Overall, they are pretty easy to rebuild. You will need some specialty tools though in order to do it. The haynes manual is very good, step by step proceedure, that will help.
    Jim Burek

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