Houston Buick Club @ Niftee50ees NOV. 8th.

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  1. 86TexasT

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    Title: Niftee50ees Classic Car Meet
    Date: Saturday November 08, 2008
    Time: 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm
    Location: 8745 Spring Cypress Rd. - Kroger parking lot
    Notes: Niftee50ees cruise night at 8745 Spring Cypress Rd. &
    Champion Forest Dr. 77379. (Kroger parking lot). 6:00-10:00 pm. Robert
    & Nick will be there at 5:00 to set up. Please arrive between 5:30 &
    6:00 so we can park together. $5 donation / entry fee per car.

    Your Buick does not have to be "show quality" to enter. We are trying
    to beat the Houston Mopar Club record of 38 cars, so bring 'em out!

    Note- Plenty of room to park tow trucks & trailers.
  2. stage2man

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    The black beast will be there, Leaver will be there. Greg said he'll be there with the Procharger stage2. Spoke with Emerson Saturday night, he's coming. Shawn's 494 regal, I hope EJ is in town. I'll call Wayne Emmit and see if he wants to bring one of his beast.

    Maybe 7 stage2-3 cars. We'll need some high power turbo cars to equal the V8 power.:grin:
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  3. 86TexasT

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    Quote: (We'll need some high power turbo cars to equal the V8 power). - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - All that should equal one good running Turbo Car, lol,:Smarty: the only replacement for displacement is psi. See all of you there. Remember,:cool: plenty of room for trailers.
  4. 86TexasT

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    We had a GREAT turnout last night, 30 Buicks showed up including Jeff
    Hika`s '70 GS Stage 1 (Leaver):TU: , Steve Campbell`s '66 GS w/factory 2-4
    carbs., Tom Anderson`s '70 GS, Bill Bailey`s '38 Buick. Several Turbo
    Regals & GNs. Todd Kay brought his GN down from College Station. We
    cranked up all the V-8 cars: David`s BBB tunnel ram '69 Pro-street GS,
    Emerson`s supercharged '72 GSX clone convertible, Greg`s pro-charged
    '72 GS Stage 1, Shawn`s BBB powered Regal, & MY FAVORITE:grin: !!!!!! Jeff`s
    '70 GS stage 1. The crowd came running over. Thanks to all that came
    out & helped.:cool:
  5. stage2man

    stage2man Well-Known Member

    Had a great time yesterday! Two clubs with the Rustangs. I don't think they got much play:laugh: . 5 stage2 powered cars all with a nice mix of builds, 8-71, Procharger, Tunnel Ram, Dominator, SPX. I think all those ferds where getting a bit unnerved with all that buick exhaust being dirrected in their at them.:Do No: Great mix of cars with Steve's dual quad Nailhead, a couple mid 60s Rivs and the all important turbo cars. A vernable sea of black:grin: .
  6. adamst56

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    Sorry that I missed out on it. I am sure all the cars were very cool. But I think the big difference between HBC and the other clubs is the number of very knowledgable, helpful, and good guys. HBC does go fast with class!
  7. stage2man

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  8. Bad Boattail

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    Thanks for posting the link to the photos, David :TU: !
  9. 86TexasT

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    Hopefully we can do this event again in the fall when you`re in town to join us. Getting ready for Autorama now.
  10. 86TexasT

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    Dan has pictures posted on www.houstonbuick.org. Go to Club Pictures, click on Niftee50ees.

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