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Discussion in ''Da Nailhead' started by funkyriv, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. TAANK

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    when is dyno time?
  2. TAANK

    TAANK Well-Known Member

    where did that radiator come from?
  3. Jim Cannon

    Jim Cannon Loves that Dynaflow hum!

    That looks like the blown nailhead Dan Stoner in California built. He sent me some pix back around Oct. 2000. Then I heard he sold it a few years after that.
  4. 87GN@Tahoe

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    I think if you kept the piping to the minimum size, you would reduce the volume that would need to be filled, in turn reducing lag. The "passive cooling" that the long run would provide, would reduce the size (or need entirely) of an intercooler, also in turn reducing some potential lag.

    Under hood heat from turbos isn't fixed by intercooling.. the small amount of back pressure that the turbo causes on the exhaust side creates an enormous amount of heat (on GN's a "good tune" is about 1600*F).. putting that kind of heat under your hood greatly decreases the life of electrical components, as well as any rubber or plastic components. Ceramic coatings (like Jet Hot) on the exhaust parts would help in reducing those related problems.

    The oil scavenging pump failing could be a VERY big problem on the STS system.

    I myself would prefer to have my turbo's under the hood, but when space is at a premium, instead of melting under hood components and the paint on your hood STS or a home-made "STS" style setup may be the way to go.

    With an automatic, the right converter, rear gears, and turbo sizing could put turbo lag to a minimum.

  5. TAANK

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    i like the procharger setup
  6. Babeola

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    This is a good read with more information on the subject. A S/C is just cool, and can provide 40%-100% more power through out the range with lots of low end torque.

    Cheryl :)
  7. tyoneal

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    Check out the STS site. For older cars like ours it a real decnet idea for the following reasons:

    1. Custom parts normally needed for the standard TC of the Standard SC units are NOT needed for our cars.

    2. A single unit can be had with everything for about $4000

    3. Turbo lag it not going to be an issue for the following reasons.

    a. The Torque a good running 401 or 424 is really goo off the line. All you would do is just decrease your traction. a Bit of Turbo can be a good this in some cases.

    b. You can alter the turbo units (Two Small vs. one Large) that will cut down lag tremendously, or the pipes going into the Turbos and be altered as to increase the velocity at lower RPMS, this ti is a way of dealing withe Turbo lag. (GO to the site and watch the cars with these units hooked up to them.)

    I think you will realize that lag is not going o be a big problem.

    3. The return (Boosted) air coming from the rear can act as a inter-cooler in part just because of the distance the pipe is exposed to the ambient air.

    Match this with a solid Switch Pitch Converter and I bet you would have ALL the Fun you could handle.

    I spoke with sts on and off a few years ago and I truly believe it is a decent product for the unusual cars out there wanting boost.



    BE SURE to Watch the Video's!!
  8. ahhh65riv

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    Adam Fisher "skrubahlinc"- $150 Received! WOW! Thank you!!!
    Timothy Odore- $25 Received! Thank You!
    Hector Flores "Hectic"- $25 Received! Thank You!

    You know this super charger thing is very interesting. I think I would prefer a supercharger over the exhaust plumbing nightmare and high temp issue of a turbo. I like the ATI Procharger but personally I kinda like the Paxton variety. I've been eyeballing a Novi 2000 setup for my mustang for some time.

  9. skrubahlinc

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    No problem, I have the eelco 2x4 with two edelbrock 650's I'm really curious about what kind of numbers you are going to get.
  10. nekkidhillbilly

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    as for the turbos being at the rear they have not had issuies with weather conditions on any car with them my only worry would be bottoming out or something causing damage. as for tranny built 2004r and this car would be insaine fast

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