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Discussion in 'The "Other" Bench' started by Dr. Evil, Apr 8, 2019.

  1. Dr. Evil

    Dr. Evil Silver Level contributor

    There's literally thousands of combos out there for the sbc 350.
    My goal is a stock style rebuild with good low end and driveability. On a budget.
    It's going in a 1974 C10 2wd father son project.

    Here's what I have available...
    Late model 350 roller block and crank.
    416 heads with 1.94 intake valve's installed. 58cc chambers. These are the 305HO heads.
    I have this cam laying around.
    Specs are 203 / 210 @ .50
    Lift is I think .450 / .446

  2. OHC JOE


    I run all Edelbrock stuff on my small block chevys. Love them all no issues.
  3. 436'd Skylark

    436'd Skylark Sweet Fancy Moses!!!!!

    Ditch the 416 heads. Find a set of vortec heads and install beehive springs. It'll make way more power for cheap.

    Beware the roller block may not be machined for a fuel pump. The casting will be there but it wont be drilled/ machined.
  4. Dr. Evil

    Dr. Evil Silver Level contributor

    Budget, as in just want to get it running. I was thinking of this combo with a dished piston to keep cr at 9-1. If it makes 225 hp it'd be enough. Vortecs would be a good upgrade later on though. Apparently they work well with a dished piston too. If it made 250hp later on with vortecs that's great.
  5. 436'd Skylark

    436'd Skylark Sweet Fancy Moses!!!!!

    300 horse with the vortec heads and a roller cam would be easy to achieve and cheap. They have to be plentiful in the yards or craigslist.

    But i get the run what you have philosophy. If the 416s are rebuilt and ready to go I'd run them. I wouldn't put any money into them though if they need rebuilt.
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  6. Dr. Evil

    Dr. Evil Silver Level contributor

    The 416 heads are ready to go. The truck had a rebuilt 350 that had a knock in it when I got it cheap. I thought it was maybe the lifters since it was multiple cylinders.
    Tore it down and it was already .060 over and fresh but... The wrist pins were too tight causing pistons to bind and slap the block at the bottom of the cylinders badly. Very badly. Block is toast.
    I have the other standard bore block, a 1 piece rms crank and a set of .030 pistons already hung correctly on rods. Shouldn't be to much to put it together.

    Dollars spent on this are dollars not spent on the Buick. Or on the rest of the truck.

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