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Discussion in 'Sparky's corner' started by apachepatmanfx, May 3, 2016.

  1. apachepatmanfx

    apachepatmanfx Well-Known Member

    So when I took everything apart to redo my interior I must have misplaced some sort of bracket which holds the radio in place. All I have is the plastic bezel. How do I secure the radio. Any pictures?
  2. Racerx88

    Racerx88 Platinum Level Contributor

    There should be an L shaped bracket.
    On a factory radio, one end fastens to the back (or bottom, or side?...can't remember!) of the radio, the other end fastens to the metal structure behind the radio.
    In the front bottom of the radio, there will be two studs which stick out and thru the two "flaps" at the bottom of the radio opening in the dash board.
  3. 72newbiebuick

    72newbiebuick Gold Level Contributor

    Depending on your car (mine in question is a 72 Skylark) there is the "L" bracket as mentioned. It "props" up the radio securing via the bottom of the radio, and the long end of the bracket screws to a plate on the left side of the radio (aka the dash).

  4. NZ GS 400

    NZ GS 400 Gold Level Contributor

    My 67 GS has the same L-shaped bracket. It props the radio up from the bottom. My dash is disassembled right now too.
  5. cstanley-gs

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  6. apachepatmanfx

    apachepatmanfx Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys
  7. apachepatmanfx

    apachepatmanfx Well-Known Member

    I noticed there were two different shaped brackets when I looked on Ebay.

    My car had the Am radio stock. The previous owner had this cassette deck radio installed. File_001.jpg File_000.jpg
  8. apachepatmanfx

    apachepatmanfx Well-Known Member

    do you know what size the screw are? I can find brackets, but no fasteners

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