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Discussion in 'The Big Chill' started by StfSocal, May 22, 2019.

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    Ya that is plan at this point. The one thing I would out was that the distribution duct was missing, so I will need to source a new one. Also going to get new ducts, the corrugated ducts, that connect the vents the the distribution duct.
  2. StfSocal

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    Thanks for the info Mike!

    I'll give them a ring to see what they can recommend in my area, I moved from UTC/La Jolla area up to Fallbrook so I am trying to keep it around Escondido/Temecula. Makes it easier since I work in RB.
  3. StfSocal

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    I also tested the vacuum actuators that are attached to the heater box and all seemed to work as intended. They each held 20" of vacuum for 15 minutes without any drop. Should I still replace them since the box is out?
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    Here is the part of the heater box I am referencing and need help on in regards to seal placement.

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  5. StfSocal

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    Anybody have experience with the heater core box and what seals go where?
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    Benny Sanchez of Factory Auto Air would know. He rebuilds and restores these. He did mine

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