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Discussion in 'Got gears?' started by 72GSX, Sep 26, 2004.

  1. 72GSX

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    Hello, Are Neapco U joints any good? I need new joints for my car and Advance auto parts has Neapco 23011BF heavy duty joints for $28.96 a pair. Are they worth putting in or are they some cheap crap. Tom
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  3. GStage1

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    Well, the driveshaft manufacturer and rear axle builder I use for all my cars use Neapco. Never, ever had a problem. Both have been in business for 15+ years and they have stated never a problem.

    The guy on the Chevelle board who states "cheap overseas crap" must not be reading/listening to the manufacturing news. Basically, nothing is being manufactured in this country anymore. So, I think his statement is based on ignorance and not fact. Check out any new car/machinery and many if not all components are made by non-USA vendors.
  4. speed70

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    I have to agree here. I've built driveshafts for many a vehicle over 13 yrs. The shop started primarily using NEAPCO u-joints in 1992. There were very few failures under "hard" usage. Any problems that were run across were brought to our Rep's attention & design changes were made. Neapco does however have a "competitive" lower quality line due to the LOWER PRICE competition. Drive Line shops normally carry the TOP quality line. I've even seen SPICER u-joints with more torsional movement than Neapcos. Always be informed by someone who is "informed" not "uninformed". :Brow:
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    Hi Tim, What would be the part number for the better joints for a Buick drivshaft? I came up with Neapco 23011BF on Advance's web site but the price is only $28.96 for a pair of them so I don't know if they are the good ones or the lower priced line. Tom
  6. speed70

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    Hi Tom, The NEAPCO 2-3011BF (BRUTE FORCE) are solid cross u-joint. Good for street/strip but not greasable so eventually they'll dry up. Good Luck :)
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    Personaly in everything I drive I have Dana Spicer u-joints. I also come from the jeep side of the world, So I put a lot of stress on the u-joints both in the front axle and the drive line's. However, U-joints do fail and I recoment changing them annualy when being used in a severe duty situation. 2 u-joints are cheaper then a new driveline or worse. AND it gets ya under your car where you might catch something that you would not normaly notice.
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    Hi everyone, sorry I didn't get back to this right away, other stuff came up so car has been sitting awhile. I just want to thank you all for you thoughts on this. I think I will try them, for that price I might get a couple sets so I have some on hand to change after a while. Tom

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