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Discussion in 'Got gears?' started by Hexafamily, Apr 1, 2018.

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    Looking for the correct rear end for my '70 GSX. I have a bare housing and the only numbers I can find on it are #1385724 F and E120. So its a May 12 of 1970 and I was told its came from a '70 GS. I have no other parts or numbers. Can anyone tell me if this is the correct housing for an X?
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    Look on the bottom side of the tubes for a stamped code.
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    Housings were not different in 1970 GS and skylark used the same housing with set9 / a9 bearings ....1968 69 were different with the GS bearing compared to the stock skylark cr bearing.

    Like Brian said driver side axle tube facing the ground will be your suffix code OO ON OZ IF IT IS POSI OH IF OPEN NON POSI...I DOUBT IT WILL HAVE 2.93 RATIO IF YOU HAVE A TRUE X CAR.

    J D RAce

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