Grill Question, Custom to GS

Discussion in 'The Bench' started by 70GSClone, Jan 4, 2003.

  1. 70GSClone

    70GSClone Torqued Off

    I have a nos GS grill on the way, will it bolt right up on my custom?
    I'm asuming it will with no probs, thought I would check with the experts first!
  2. quickstage1

    quickstage1 Well-Known Member

    If it is a '70, Yes, it will bolt right up the same as your Skylark Custom grill. The stainless trim and the body colored trim at the bottom will work as well.

  3. 70GSClone

    70GSClone Torqued Off

    Thanks Ken!
  4. 70voom

    70voom Well-Known Member


    The "70" grill will bolt in with no problem, and like Ken said, the stainless trim will also work as well, but I beleive that the chrome on the front of the skylark hood will be different then the GS hood front trim.

    I also installed this all on my Skylark Custom with no problems.
  5. 462CID

    462CID Buick newbie since '89

    As if you needed another '70 owner to tell you it will work...I did it, too.

    You can actually even get a '71 front bumper to work with that grille if you're clever (or desperate) enough.

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