Going under the knife tomorrow

Discussion in 'Help From Above' started by Annie Oakley, Jun 10, 2007.

  1. Annie Oakley

    Annie Oakley Well-Known Member

    I'm going for my brain transplant in the morning........:Dou: OK, just kidding.

    I'm going in to have my total elbow replacement (done June, 2006) REPAIRED. The metal piece in my forearm is no longer attached to the bone in my forearm. They will remove the metal piece, and a good chunk of my bone. Replace my bone with a piece of donor bone, and insert a new (longer/stronger) metal piece. About a 2 or 3 hour surgery

    Should be there a couple days, if all goes well. I'm not feeling it right now, close to having an anxiety attack. Have to be there by 5:30 in the morning - which means I have to leave here around 4:15 or so. Don't think I'll be getting much sleep. :shock: Doesn't help that my local support system is gone on vacation this week. :Dou: Bad timing, but at least I made it to Norwalk first!

    Any :pray: :pray: and thoughts appreciated. Thanks!
  2. rex362

    rex362 paint clear and drive

    I hope all goes well for you Annie .....and it will

    In the meantime don't get all worried about it ...let the medical experts handle that (easy for me to say uh? )

    have a small drink and go rent some blue movies and get to bed early ....your done !!! and we will see ya on the rebound with good news :TU:
  3. Dana/Beth Andrews

    Dana/Beth Andrews Huc accedit zambonis!

    You have our thoughts and prayers. Hoping this is the permenant fix for your elbow.

    :beers2: to a speedy recovery.

    Beth & Dana
  4. Stage1 Jeff

    Stage1 Jeff Guest

    :pray: :pray: prayers from Me coming!!
  5. bob k. mando

    bob k. mando Guest

    hope all goes well. you've got House on standby, yes?
  6. Poppaluv

    Poppaluv I CALL WINNERS!!!

    Good luck Annie!

    Trust me I know full well your anxiety. My surgury will finally happen Thurs., barring any more weirdness.:ball:
    Pretty soon you'll be a full cyborg and get a "hand gun". The "leg gun" is a lil' bit impractical:laugh:

    I'm sure you'll come out the better for it.:)

    Brandy and I will be thinking of you...:beer
  7. ric

    ric Well-Known Member

    Our prayers are with you. Hope you have a speedy recovery:TU:
  8. 12lives

    12lives Engage! - Jean-Luc Picard

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

    - Bill
  9. Sergeant Major

    Sergeant Major Biggest Nut in the Can

    We are with ya Annie!!!
  10. Roberta

    Roberta Buick Berta

    Hey kid, you'll be ok, think about racing and I'll have some wheels for ya when you are ready to go back at it. Love Ya! :beers2: :TU:
  11. 70 Skylark Conv

    70 Skylark Conv Well-Known Member

    Hey girl! We haven't talked in a while! We need to catch up once you are feeling better! :beer

    You've got your support system right here, anytime you need it, from lots of knot-heads and friends here on the board.

    Hope this is the last surgery you have, ever....or at least for a very long time. :TU:

    I'll be thinking of you and praying lots for you! :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:

    PS Trying to send you an e-mail.
  12. Annie Oakley

    Annie Oakley Well-Known Member

    No drinking Rexxy - 48 hours beforehand! :af: House on standby? Sounds interesting......

    #1 issue - live through the anesthesia. Last year, I had apparently stopped breathing during the surgery.

    #2 issue - avoid an infection. I've already had one, and if it comes back and won't behave, they send the Arm Nazi (think "Soup Nazi" from Seinfeld) and then.......No Arm for You!!!

    #3 issue - they expect me to "do less" for a YEAR! :Do No: What's that mean?? No more bales of hay?? :ball: Anyone wanna be my Stable Boy? How about my dedicated pit crew?

    Last year, I went in on Monday, and the following Thursday I went to Indy......so I'm hoping for a similar 'recovery' time!

    Thanks all!! :pp :pp
  13. Roberta

    Roberta Buick Berta

    :Smarty: Annie, when you find a stable boy or a pit boy, make sure he has an older brother or uncle, cause I need one too! I can alway be your pit beetch in a crunch, call me if you need anything, you know how. Be Cool, and will be thinking about you lots tomorrow, wishing for all the best.:TU: :TU: :TU: :TU:
  14. snapper

    snapper Active Member

    Make sure you have lots and lots of "PMA" Positive Mental Attitude And the rest of us will keep you in our thoughts and prayers...An unbeatable combination!

  15. kshrek

    kshrek just visiting this planet

    Be careful what you wish for......

    But seriously folks: best thoughts and wishes to you.....
  16. GS Shari

    GS Shari Guest

    I will have lots of apendages crossed for you (get your minds out of the gutters, guys!). Good wishes and prayers are heading your way, too.

    Good luck with issues #1 and #2. And taking it easy for a year??? Are they nuts? Maybe a pool boy will offer to change jobs for you.....

    Take care, Ann!

  17. GSMuscle

    GSMuscle Well-Known Member

    Lotsa luck kiddo.
  18. Mike Sobotka

    Mike Sobotka Founders Club Member

    Good luck to you and hope you have a speedy recovery. Will remember you in my prayers--no hay bales for you!!
  19. Steve Reynolds

    Steve Reynolds SRE Inc


    I know we haven't typed at each other for a while and I really didn't take the time to talk much in Norwalk, as I've been incredibly busy (again!), but I certainly do wish you all the BEST in your surgery and your speedy recovery!

    Take care and be sure to type at me when you're able!!

  20. bob k. mando

    bob k. mando Guest


    street sign! i'm getting desperate!

    and i'm likely to be up in the area within the month. don't make me take drastic measures. :af:


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