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  1. hvramesq

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    Just wondering what you 446370H cars are doing with your Accessory Panel since we do not have a top to open. any kind of tach fit here? is there a clock that fits here and we can replace clock with a tach. not a huge deal but the dash is valuable real estate to just leave a blank. Would love to see what you creative guys have done. access plate.jpg
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    Tagged for other ideas.

    I will need to do something with my '68 'lark.

    In my '64, (below) I put a tack in place of the clock, and I like it, but the '68 has a silver dash, so I either need to repaint and re-letter/mark another tach and stick it in the clock's place, or I could use the Accessory Panel, some plexiglass and put the tach in there.

    Likely would use the "chrome pen" to outline the cutout, place the Plexiglas on the back side, and it should look pretty slick.

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    Here's the dash of my 70 Skylark. I used an autometer tach that I took apart and mounted in place of the clock and the water temp and oil pressure gauges are in real carbon fiber panels I made to replace the factory pieces on each side of the dash. The a pillar mount is from autometer and has the fuel pressure and volt gauge.

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  4. HeavensDevil

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    I did the same with the tach but put an wideband gauge next to it IMG_20190701_193353.jpg
  5. Dr. Roger

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    Mine has the cruise control light... just a single little square light. Now that you mention it, that is a lot of space for that tiny light. Maybe I'll put one of those sticky backed LED clocks there since the car came with the factory BAC (busted ass clock).
  6. Premier 350

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    No pics, since the 'lark is at the panel beaters, but I have a temp gauge there. I used a piece of black plastic ( being a model maker helps!) rather than butcher the original panel.
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  7. Bygblok

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    This is kinda cheating, but I built mine from an intellitronix generic kit using a metal backing plate that I made to bolt it in to the factory housing.

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