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  1. While my 401 is a good running engine I have no clue if it's ever been rebuilt or anything along those lines. I wanted to find a different engine to build so I can continue to drive and enjoy the car while doing the build. I found a local 1964 standard bore 425 engine . I can buy just the short block for $475 or the long block for $650. The seller is a very reputable local Buick restore and he says he will guarantee the engine to be rebuildable. Did he seem like fair prices? And is there anything about the 64 that makes it worse or better than the later engines? I plan to put a factory dual quad setup on it so the extra cubic inches are appealing to me.
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    Might be a little steep but then again, is there another near you to compare with? Bird in hand and all.....
  3. Nail heads are a little tough to come by around here and they're usually priced optimistically
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    It is a little steep but I always figure if something is close by it’s worth paying a little more since you can inspect it and don’t have to find and pay for shipping. Make him an offer for all, maybe you can get it for $550-$600. Good luck.
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    In this area PNW 650 is a don't think to long price.. In fact some stuff ebay prices are way better.
    Example CL ad 68 tilt column & wheel for a el camino asking was 1250 add was removed by seller a few days after it popped up..
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  6. You ain't kidding about the cost of Buick parts in the PNW, everyone around here is very proud of their stuff.
  7. ok, what about it being a 64 engine vs a 65 or 66? is there anything bad about 64 425's
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    64 is the same as 65. 66 had a loop cast into the bell area for a lift point. The front lift point on a 66 was a loop cast into the water crossover. Cranks are same 64-66.

    If you plan to get forged pistons, see what ring sizes are avail for potential overbore especially if you want to use 1/16" or metric size rings. I don't recall if there is a better selection for 401 or 425.
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    the 425 can use 440 mopar rings. so you can over bore .008, .018, .028, .038 or .048
  10. I like the sound of that. I would want to over bore the engine the least amount necessary
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    It's not bad money if its complete and apart. If you can inspect the bores and see how badly they are worn thats a plus in my book. Same for pulling the pan and checking a few rod bearings. If you can determine it only needs rings and bearings then it's a good buy. If it's junk then negotiate the price accordingly or move on.
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    AND, If you need forged pistons I call supply them. As Joe mentioned there are a few sizes for using 1/16th. rings. Best to sonic test the block 1st. BEFORE doing anything.

    Tom T.
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    Tom on my 401 we went .023 over bore with your pistons, forgot what was the other over bore someone can get with the 401 block in case he goes that way.
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  14. Tom
    can you pm me with piston prices and rings as well if you offer them just so I know what i'm looking at cost wise
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    Nailhead 401 and BBB 430 have the same bore, same with the Nailhead 425 and the BBB 455.
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    its when your trying to find the thin rings, it gets harder.
  17. nailheadnut

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    Hastings shows this. I imagine its the same for standard bores but with cars this old, who hasn't bored the cylinder walls. Not only are the bore sizes the same, both engines, as well as the Chevy 409 use the same part number. I imagine that it would be the same for a 401 but I didn't Google that.

    Hastings #645 .030" Oversized cast piston ring set for 8 Cyl GM:

    • 1970-76 Buick 455
    • 1963-66 Buick 425
    • 1962-65 Chevy and GMC 409
    Piston rings specs are as follows:

    • Bore: 4 3/32" +.030"
    • Top Ring: 5/64"
    • 2nd Ring: 5/64"
    • Oil Ring: 3/16"
    Ring Set is complete set for one engine.

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