Five point belts - 'buggy belts' - free, you cover actual shipping.

Discussion in '"Pay It Forward"' started by JohnKaz, Nov 29, 2018.

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    Free to whomever wants them is a set of several-year old but never stressed or used hard five point "buggy belts." When my kids were younger, their booster seats wouldn't work well with the lap belts in the back of my '69 convertible, so I used these instead. Now the kids are old enough to be embarrassed by them, so I went back to the regular lap belts and have no use for these. They're in nice shape and have never been cut, or otherwise abused.

    For the manufacturer's ad, they're the very last ones on this page: - these have the longer behind the back mounting strap.

    I'd generally prefer that whomever takes them uses them instead of flipping them, but I'm now just sick of tripping over them. Free, you pay actual shipping.

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    I'll take them. PM sent.
  3. JohnKaz

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    How did you install these, where did you anchor them?
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    I should say that my description was a bit inaccurate - they really only mount at three points, though there's both shoulder straps and waist straps (no between-the-legs strap, though) - I mounted the waist straps into the regular seatbelt points. For the other strap, I ran it down behind the seat cushion (not the best idea, I know), drilled a hole equidistant between the seatbelt mounting points and used a seatbelt-mounting bolt with reinforcing plate (along these lines - It was a somewhat-improvement over the lap belts - though I never got into a crash, the kids were pretty snug and restrained. If I had it to do over again, I might have mounted the shoulder strap point higher, but it can only be shortened so much and the kids were pretty little, so I worked with what I had. Hope this helps!

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