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  1. leojvs

    leojvs The anti-Prius.

    My turn!

    76 4cx39 E 38586
    26D AM6 11L 19T
    12B DF3 B88 C09

    Now, I know the first bit is

    1976 (76) Buick (4) Electra Limited 4 door Hardtop (CX39)

    I know 11L is paint code Lower and 19T is the paint code upper. Thats is. Can someone please fill in the blanks, and perhaps put up a link as to where the info is sourced from, so others can access it?

    Love ya work!
  2. thepartsman

    thepartsman Back Ordered Again ?

    26D = Blue Cloth/Vinyl Interior
    AM6 = Front Seat,60/40, with a center armrest
    12B = 2nd week of December Build Date
    DF3 = Passenger,outside chrome remote mirror
    B88 = Moldings,exterior Body Side
    C09 = Full Padded Vinyl Top

    Your avatar shows a White on White with a blue interior.
    the 19T = Black Vinyl Top

  3. leojvs

    leojvs The anti-Prius.

    wow! its like you flew to Australia when I was Zzzzzzzzzing looked at my car then wrote about it to me! Yeah it did have a vinyl top removed during a reparay many years ago. I thought it was white... They came in back?? Can I get a picutre of this?

    Thankyou very much!
  4. leojvs

    leojvs The anti-Prius.

    Oh, Happy 31st birthday Belle! :TU:
  5. thepartsman

    thepartsman Back Ordered Again ?

    I spent 28 years in a Buick Dealership...I've seen alot of ID plates.
    I can only remember that color combo on 1 other Electra or possibly and OLDS 98, but I do not remember the year.
  6. Moring

    Moring Well-Known Member

    Got another one for you to decode:

    ST70 44437 FL1 241991
    TR 144 63F

  7. flynbuick

    flynbuick Super Moderator Staff Member

    ST70= 1970 model

    4 = Buick

    44 = skylark custom

    37 = 2 dor hardtop

    FL1 = Flint Plant of manufacture

    241991 = Fisher body sequence number

    TR 144 = Cloth and vinyl sandelwood interior

    63 = Desert gold body paint

    F = Dark Brown vinyl top

    04E = Made the 5the week of April 1970
  8. Moring

    Moring Well-Known Member

    Thanks Jim! Looks like this car wasn't repainted as I thought it was.

  9. Johny Bee O

    Johny Bee O Well-Known Member


    I search with de VIN number the original paint from my Buick gs400.

    VIN on the interior behind the steering wheel


    Body by Fisher;

    ST BDY
    TR 69..44637 05 611722 PNT
    1D A31C50H46D55M40
    V78 7278D EXLD

    Thanks for the Help
  10. flynbuick

    flynbuick Super Moderator Staff Member

    4 = Buick

    46 = GS 400

    37 = 2 door hardtop

    9 = 1969 model

    I = Oshawa Plant #2

    BDY126416 = Fisher body sequence number

    ST 69 = 1969 model

    TR __?__ = Trim Code __?__

    PNT__?___ = paint code ___?__

    05 611722 ?

    1D = Made the 4th week of January 1970

    A31= power windows

    C50 = Rear defogger

    H46 = ????

    D55 = Long center console

    M40 = Turbo 400 Hydramatic transmission

    V78 = Export /Certificate of compliance delete

    7278D EXLD = For export left hand drive ?

    A51 = Contour bucket seats

    If you can clarify the codes behind your Trim(TR) and Paint(PNT) spaces on your cowl, tag they will be easy to handle.
  11. Johny Bee O

    Johny Bee O Well-Known Member

    Hey Fyn!

    Special thanks! You are really good! Hmm on de cowl is writed only PNT... So i make a picture and load it up here.

    Thx you! from switzerland
  12. flynbuick

    flynbuick Super Moderator Staff Member

    Yes that would help. Make sure you resize it so the Board will accept the pic.
  13. Johny Bee O

    Johny Bee O Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately my girlfriend has my Digicam... These picture i made it with my Mobilephonecam, sorry they are blurred..

    Hmm i think the buick was orignal grey oder silbergrey... oh sorry not H46, it is A46.

    Nice greez from Switzerland!

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  14. Fsc66

    Fsc66 Member

    Can anyone assist, need the exact location of a 1978 Riviera Trim Tag. It's not on the firewall by the power brake booster.
    Thanks, Paul
  15. buford27

    buford27 '57 Special

    Attached is a picture of the trim tag location info from the 1978 Fisher Body Service Manual and one of an actual tag from a 1978 Riviera. In 1977-1978 the Riviera was built on the B-body platform.

    1978 Buick Trim Tag Locations.jpg 1978 Buick Trim Tag 02.jpg
  16. Fsc66

    Fsc66 Member

    Thanks Sean, he had found it a few days ago, appreciate it!!!!!!

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