FI Tech "Go EFI 4" Self Tuning Throttle Body Injection Install Thread

Discussion in 'High Tech for Old Iron' started by real82it, Nov 2, 2015.


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    Gary which way through MT? I might be in the neighborhood.

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    93 from Nevada to Missoula for a parking spot at my daughter's place. Will trailer it up (if it happens) and road trip western Montana (Thompson Falls, Glacier maybe), Butte/Anaconda area for day trip loops and maybe a golf outing or 12 after I come back home for the 5th wheel. Usually camp around the Big Hole/Wisdom, Georgetown Lake/Anaconda/Fairmont Hot Springs, Butte area for sure (my hometown), Flathead for some fishing and golf, maybe Holter/Gates of the Mountains this year for some fishing.
    I was in Glendive once and Havre enroute to Calgary once but never over the Highline that direction - you are OUT THERE for sure. My Alumaweld is parked in Missoula now so will be dragging that around. I'll bring the boat, you guide me fishing? My son-in-law in Missoula always talks about fishing Ft. Peck and/or The Breaks.. man that would be KILLER.
    Just tired of letting the GS sit with not decent loops around NE NV.. at least not compared to Idaho/Montana. Spent 2+ months in Montana last summer but was driven out by the smoke.. hopefully this year will be much better.
    Thinking EFI will be a great setup for constant elevation changes, mileage, etc. Should pair well with my Tremec 5spd and 3.55s. Will tear em up on the Butte "Drag".. except Five-Oh has no sense of humor these days. 1/8 mile track in Anaconda also but I don't row the gears well.
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    Every install I've read about with the fitech on dual plane intakes has been good to go. There is a crossover slot milled into the base by the secondaries so the 2 sides are not isolated.

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    works fine with a spreadbore manifold.. I use my 1200 on an SP-1 with simple flat adapter plate. Use a good gasket on each side of plate and no problems. If it was being used on a dual plane manifold it may be good to mill the divider down a bit.
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    Nice looking 66, what color is that?

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    Dredging this one up AGAIN! Have fuel issues now.. regulator wont' go above 4psi, tank needs replacement anyway, and it's tough to find filter elements for the Mallory 140 filter.

    Looking at Summit for the system. Website says the MeanStreet will ship today.

    FiTech Fuel Injection 34008 - FiTech MeanStreet EFI 800 HP Self-Tuning Fuel Injection Systems with Hyperfuel In-Tank Modules mean&sw=FiTech MeanStreet EFI 800 HP Self-Tuning Fuel Injection Systems with Hyperfuel In-Tank Modules

    Looks like the FITech website has changed recently.. not impressed.. Add to Cart is the bulk of information.

    Of course I have (repeat) questions and figure you folks would be more helpful than tech support at Summit.
    My 463 is just under 500HP I figure but could be bumped up without notice in the future. Hence the thought of getting the 250-800HP Meanstreet.
    I'm seeing now the FiTech/Summit offers a complete kit, including tank and pump.

    That's the question: any experience with these HyperFuel pumps and FiTech tank kits?
    Or should I stick with and their pumps? The FiTech tank is not included with the Summit kit so Tanks might be it anyway. I have no experience with electric pumps other than the Holly I had on my car (and hated) but it was inline of course and not in the tank.
    Thinking I might be able to get appropriate fuel line locally (several hose supply wholesalers in this mining town)

    Reiterating that I'm running the old Edlebrock B4B dual plane, spread bore (Q-jet) intake. Don't really want to get a new intake and have it machined to match deck height, etc. So far it seems to be a non-issue for the most part.

    Of course, I'd love to hear more long-term testimonials on performance and issues. I do know that the pump has to be run through a relay.

    OOPS.. just noticed that the Meanstreet has no "Timing Control". Please explain if/why I might or not need that? I'm running the car on the street, touring and a very seldom drag race.
    Stock cooling system with BBC truck fan clutch so no need for fan control, correct? Always runs max. 180* with Tremec 5spd.

    I'm open to other FiTech systems, just seems this might be the one.

    As always, thanks!
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    I have the mean street 800 on my car. Can't speak to the hyper fuel unit as I used the Tanks Inc tank and in-tank pump setup. Its a very nice, straightforward piece. I decided the timing control wasn't really a selling point for me as my MSD system works just fine, since its already there and functioning perfectly, why change it. You are mistaken about one thing, the fuel pump does NOT require a relay when using the Fitech system to run it. They explicitly say as much here:

    I dont have many miles on mine yet, so a long-term review will have to wait. But so far Im happy with the system and learning/tweaking settings as I go.
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    Does anyone have a part number for a high output (100+Amp) alternator? Or which will interchange from another vehicle?
    I can take mine into a local auto-electric shop to test output. It's definitely not a stock unit.

    My GS has MSD Pro Billet Distributor 8517 and
    MSD 6AL p/n 6420.
    Are both compatible with FiTech?

    Now that I'm getting serious I see a few other brands EFI out there.. sheesh.. decisions.

    On the relay concern: another poster had a meltdown issue with the hot wire melting so he recommended a relay.

    Appreciate the continued input.
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    If I were to do it again, I would go Holley sniper. I have the fitech 600 power adder. Sometimes it runs perfect other times not so much. But I am pleased with the tanks inc. setup.
  10. Ken Warner

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    I run a relay for the fuel pump and would feel nervous doing otherwise. For example most of the 340lph pumps can pull up to around 15 amps. I dont care for the idea of the FiTech motherboard supplying all that juice when a nice high current relay is about $5 bucks. If you are modulating the pump there are solid state relays available but i think they will cost you upwards of $30.
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    Do you have specific reasons to prefer the Holley Sniper?
    Chime in folks.. (Ken?)

    Looking hard at the Holley at
    Tech support and customer service seem to be a real priority there.

    But I'm not clear on all the differences between Holley and FiTech. One might be timing control availability on all the Holley units which is something I'm not clear on except that it sounds like I'd need to 'lockout' my MSD Pro Billet distributor (with an 'adjustable' rotor, eh?). I'm not expert at software but can learn how, just don't want to spend a bunch of time on little issues.

    Probably will go on the systempro chat page for answers.

    Thanks for the input.
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    Hey Ken, I ordered the complete Holley Sniper kit today. Including Tanks Inc setup, complete with pump. I chose the 255LPH pump. Should be adequate for my engine, eh? Only mention cuz you mentioned the 340LPH pump. Guys at efipro also said no relay needed with the Holley but I'm thinking safe is best for little scratch.

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    No first hand experience with the Holley Sniper so cant honestly comment. When I was reading their facebook page they seemed to have all the same issues that FiTech had. Bad grounds and weak charging systems causing problems and coolant sensors that read low. Right down to bad tech support when you call the mfg. So the lesson here is there are no free ride in life! :)

    The 255lph pump should get you to about 500hp. With the pump in the tank you just eliminated 1/3 of the potential problems people typically have with FI installs so kudos there. No need for PWM to regulate pressure either so invest in at least some 12 gauge wire and a good sealed 12v bosch type relay and have at it. Btw lots of the Turbo Regal guys ran Walbro 255s back in the day and most of them ran relays and big wires back to the pump to get the most out of the system. Seems like cheap insurance to me.
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    Thanks Ken.

    I have a source for high quality, automotive grade wire so will go back to that well. ( 10ga might be even better. I agree completely that it's critical to use quality components for nearly anything you want to work reliably and last. Ground, ground, ground solves a large percentage of electrical issues (too often called 'shorts') I'll also get a good relay even tho' Holley says the same as FiTech.. no relay required. It certainly cannot hurt anything and eliminates any question about it being a weak link.

    I went with EFI System Pro ( and the Holley Sniper due mostly to reviews about their great tech support (on their website and the Holley forum). I spent an hour or more on chat with a tech support guy and then with Chris who either owns or manages (or both) the outfit. They responded to chat requests within a few minutes. They were very personable, knowledgeable, and took all the time needed for me to get clear in my mind what the goal is and what I needed to accomplish it. Also, for items I do NOT need (Timing Control), he explained why not and didn't just take a list of goodies and hit me with an invoice. From what I gather, their support after the sale is equally good. Time will tell, but with some good luck I won't need to use them much. No way I'd expect treatment or expertise like that from Summit or probably Jeg's... and I too have heard that Holley support is not great, with long wait times, etc.

    Coolant sensor is something I haven't discussed with them but have read a bit here about it. Good reminder to keep in mind.

    As an aside, Chris mentioned that Holly is coming out soon with a new distributor that greatly simplifies the system for Timing Control, etc. I reminded him that they likely won't build one for the step-child Buick. He agreed and complemented me with staying "original".

    Definitely will be verifying the output of my alternator. It's single wire from years back but don't remember the rating. I guess Summit is as good a source as any for a high output alternator, unless someone chimes in with a superior product/supplier. I don't have squat for accessories; my stereo is the exhaust and the wind for the most part, but I could stuff a decent (for an old guy) system in it someday.

    As for the 500Hp limit on the pump I should be good to go. Never had the car on a dyno but ran a best 1320 @ 12.61/108, full weight on Firestone Firehawks at Bremerton in Seattle (sea level). I would guess considerably less than 500Hp. It's not a drag car by any stretch but does ok. Plan going forward is more for "pro-touring" type stuff (with the Tremec 5spd OD and 3.55s), or as we used to call it, road trip around the West. If the next guy wants to build big power let him spend the coin on his upgrades. Had the car for 21 years, started as a GS350/350 and is now 464/5spd, 12-bolt posi, Global West from way back when, etc., etc.

    From what little I know of your car from your signature line it sounds like one sweet ride. Only one other Buick in my area and he just put a Tri-Shield Stage 2 in it. It's a gorgeous '67 GS and sounds snotty. Did see a couple when perusing Facebook for Montana car shows last night. One day I'll cruise it up there. EFI should help that cause... lots of elevation changes between here, there, and everywhere.

    So, thanks. I'll take a breath and go back out to the shop.

    P.S. I've read all 15 pages here a few time over the past few years. I don't want to minimize the value of what you've all contributed, it's been a big help. I'll try to post information and my experience with the Sniper to pay back a little.
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  16. NOTNSS

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    Just watched the Holley Sniper install video.
    I have an MSD Pro-Billet distributor and 6-AL box. Also have an MSD coil. Curious about whether to connect to (-) on coil or do I need to find a way to connect Sniper to to the 6-AL?
  17. sriley531

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    IF it's the same as the fitech unit, it uses the tach signal output from the MSD box.
  18. NOTNSS

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    Except that I'm using the tach signal output on the 6-AL for my Auto-Meter in dash tach.. I've texted Chris for his advice. Probably a simple deal, just want to be sure before the game starts.

  19. sriley531

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    I'm using my tach output signal for both
  20. NOTNSS

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    Just 'T' splice off the wire?

    Chris says, "Sniper purple wire to MSD tach output and connect the tachometer to the Sniper brown tach out wire. Also, do NOT connect yellow wire to coil (-) with MSD box installed.

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