Factory 400-430-455 Balancers

Discussion in 'Parts for sale' started by TABuickMike, Aug 7, 2019.

  1. TABuickMike

    TABuickMike Michael Tomaszewski Jr

    I have 4 factory, used balancers for sale. I lightly glass beaded them so they are prepped for paint and then coated them with WD-40 so they wont rust in the mean time. I wouldn't use them on a race car but they should be fine for a tame street car.

    $70 shipped each or make me an offer :)

    DSC_1120.jpg DSC_1121.jpg DSC_1122.jpg DSC_1123.jpg DSC_1124.jpg DSC_1125.jpg DSC_1126.jpg DSC_1127.jpg
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  2. sore loser

    sore loser Platinum Level Contributor

    Is the keyway supposed to line-up with the mark? I checked the ones I have and they don't exactly. Hard to tell whether these do or not.
  3. john.schaefer77

    john.schaefer77 Well-Known Member

    I thought the mark lines up with the edge of the key way, not centered. Those look correct in the pic
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  4. TABuickMike

    TABuickMike Michael Tomaszewski Jr

    ttt make an offer
  5. TABuickMike

    TABuickMike Michael Tomaszewski Jr

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