Ez return line / regulator for EFI installs

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    For all those that are considering switching to EFI - consider the filter / regulator in the link below. Will save you TONS of hassle with running a return line, plumbing a regulator, and/or skipping those IMHO janky "reservoirs".


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    Same thing, same company. Look at the price difference. This is the 1999 - 2003 Corvette filter/regulator. Only difference is the 2 fittings. Was looking at this for my S10 swap (sold now) that ran the GEN III 5.3 Silverado engine. Also, for anyone doing an LS Swap, the S10 4.3 and 2.2 Fuel Pump will run the engine and is a IN-Tank unit. Otherwise the Walbro 255 external pump is the go-to external pump. Remember to use pre & post fuel filters at the fuel pump.

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    I'm using this filter/regulator for my FI install as well. Makes the return line short and clean, really an easy solution for filtering/regulating/returning.

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