Edelbrock remaking nailhead parts go and vote!!!

Discussion in ''Da Nailhead' started by donut364, Jan 28, 2009.

  1. nailheadnut

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    There was a post on the YahooNailheadGroup from someone in Calif. who reported that Edlebrock just laid off 60+ employees. Apparently this recession has hit them pretty hard. Don't hold your breath for anything soon.
  2. 1967GS340

    1967GS340 Well-Known Member

    That sucks that they've laid people off. Not just because it Edlebrock either.
    I do wish someone built performance parts for the nailhead but I just don't see enough market for new stuff. There's only so many nailhead engines to be built on, and quite a few of those are going to stay stock in their original Buick. Not a huge production engine and lots of the Buick guys on here aren't into them so that leaves hot rodders.
    Make them look good and sound good and that's plenty of upgrade in a 29 - 34 Ford, so hard to make up the cost of producing something like heads.
  3. Riviman

    Riviman Well-Known Member

    I see a lot more Nailhead engines in cars than 409's or 348's. You would think they would would go with the more mass produced engine. The other reason I think you don't hear about a lot of nailhead engine wants is that a good running nailhead stays good running for a long time. And the average guy doesn't want to upset that.

    My 2 cents.
  4. Silver Bullet

    Silver Bullet Well-Known Member

    The quantity of nailheads produced did come up in the yahoo nailhead group and don't quote me but someone said it was between 4 and 5 million...? They were produced from 1953 thru 1966. How many were are 401s and 425s? Since that seems to be the more popular nailheads. You also have to consider how many are sitting in numbers matching cars that the owner would not put new heads on.
  5. 1967GS340

    1967GS340 Well-Known Member

    Well you're right there. Many of them in nice stock cars that people don't want to modify.
    Also, the 401 - 425 is the engine to build performance out of. The early little brother ones are still great engines for some of the 20's and 30's cars since they were very light and the 322 would make plenty of power in one of those.
    I would bet that the number of 401 and 425 engines that would get built isn't very high when you think of the cost of the development and production of something like heads.
    Many would be monster nailhead builders couldn't afford to buy big dollar heads too when you think of the cost of just building a good stock 401 - 425. I probably fall into that group.
  6. 6671

    6671 Well-Known Member

    Just to save 40lbs. would not be worth the effort. Back in the day a fellow made a set of heads into HEMI style heads for local dirt racing and I spoke to him myself. That could be done. Something like the canted Trick Flow heads could be a possibilty unless there ism somew sort of patent but I doubt that for these motors. It is upto guys like ourselves to bring nailhead aftermarket products back into the limelight.
    A nice story in a national magazine would be a great way to show the public the nailhead also but expect the cost of the cars to rise along with that.
    If a member had a very nice car and a lot of supporting documentation of which copies were sent to every mag that highlights these cars it could be possible. The heads would need the same basic shape/size for existing manifolds to fit. Gessler could send them a set of his stage 4's for an example to follow which would keep the design within the costs mentioned earlier. His porting and maybe the HEMI design or rotated valves so small block chevy valve sizes would not be needed would be great.
    I agree, heads first and other parts will certainly follow. Nail it guys! Tony
  7. kitabel

    kitabel Well-Known Member

    made a set of heads into HEMI style heads

    Any idea what was done?
  8. riv1964

    riv1964 Well-Known Member

  9. TAANK

    TAANK Well-Known Member

    spoke with brodix today. would cost 100,000 to setup and make 1 set of heads. need to have a minimum production run of 100 to get the ball rolling. they are willing to do it. we just need to find a wealthy 3rd party willing to fund the $$$$$
  10. doc

    doc Well-Known Member

    Isuggested Brodex before,,, they ake a very high quality product....one would think that there would be a mkt for 100 sets of heads....
  11. CTX-SLPR

    CTX-SLPR Modern Technology User

    So the heads would be $1000 plus the cost of the heads themselves?
  12. Silver Bullet

    Silver Bullet Well-Known Member

    Correct me if i'm wrong, but aren't the left and right heads identical on a nail. If so when getting set up pricing you want to make sure you point this out. It may cut back set up costs significantly.
  13. Wicked50

    Wicked50 Well-Known Member

    I voted
  14. 30coupe1

    30coupe1 Nailhead coupe

    I see that edelbrock made some 409 chevy heads and intakes maybe they will get some stuff going for the nail.
  15. all455

    all455 Well-Known Member

    someone or a few of us should send edelbrock a well ported head let them flow them and pick the best candidate, i have 2 sets ported 1 sbc chevy valves the other buick valves,they could also use a stock head for a baseline,this would save alot if not all porting nedded for the average guy,all out racers would just continue porting,not to mention the welding you could do while porting,but who wants to take a grinder to big investment like that.they wont be cheap as sbc or probably even 455.
    of course stamp sample head as not to get mixed up,then pray for its safe return
  16. wkillgs

    wkillgs Gold Level Contributor

    Ken, the word was that E-brock already has some prototypes made by an outside vendor. I haven't heard anything as far as improvements/results yet.
    If E-brock fails to follow thru with these, your suggestion would be worth following up with another manufacturer.
    Good to see you finally made it to V8Buick:beers2:
  17. r0ckstarr

    r0ckstarr Well-Known Member

    Count me in. They only need a market for 99 more.
  18. CameoInvicta

    CameoInvicta Well-Known Member

    I'd be in too, but I honestly think it might be difficult to come up with 100 orders/commitments to get the ball rolling. I think 50 would be more do-able.
  19. ahhh65riv

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  20. TAANK

    TAANK Well-Known Member

    like i said before the startup cost is very expensive. $100,000. i know i could sell at least 100 sets. but my wife would likely kill me first:blast:

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