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Discussion in 'Wet behind the ears??' started by RivieraBud, Jan 27, 2018.

  1. RivieraBud

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    My current summer ride is a '66 Special, 455, 4sp. In putting that together, I accumulated quite a few spare parts. At the recent NE GS/GN party, another enthusiast was looking for an oil pick up tube for a '69 Electra 430. I told him I might be able to help, but the pickup tube I have from a 455 looks quite a bit different from the picture he sent me of the one he is looking for. Fool that I am, I figured the pickup tube would be the same as long as it was from a 400/430/455. I know the nailheads had both a mid-sump and a rear sump - did they do the same thing with the 400/430/455? Anyone know how many different pickup tubes they made for the thin-wall casting big blocks? Are the pickup tubes different in each of the three motors? Thanks!
  2. StagedCat

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    Welcome from CA. The sumps on the pan either had a middle or rear sump depending on chassis therefore requiring different pickup tubes, all BBB will take any BBB pan and tube, tube differentiation is dependent on sump location.....
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    Thanks for the feedback, StagedCat! Based on the picture of his oil pan, I think he has the wrong pickup tube. I did a bing search on "Buick 455 oil pickup tube" and the first image that shows up is a picture of a BBB with the oil pan (which happens to match his) off, and the pickup tube matches the one I have, not the one in his picture. My main concern is just that I want to be sure I'm shipping something that will work for him so we don't have to hassle with returning something.
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    Welcome from MA.

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