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Discussion in 'The Choo-Choo shop' started by racenu, Nov 23, 2007.

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    Heres a good one,
    Winters here so last week I installed my winter front on my 07 duramax. I'm on a road trip and its below zero Celcius outside and I'm feeling alittle chilly in the cab so I keep cranking the heat up, then I look at the Outside temp gauge on the rear view mirror and its reading 44 degrees above zero celcius, meanwhile I'm driving past lakes that are frozen over:Do No: .....
    I'm thinking what the heck then i remember a buddy telling me a few years ago when you install the winter front on the duramax it screws up the outside mirror temp gauge.....ya right i'm thinkin. Anyways I thought I'll put the temp controller on "auto" and guess what the air conditioning light comes on:spank:

    My take on this is..with the factory winter installed, the inside mirror temp display thinks its really hot outside and so it adjusts the heat inside accordingly..by putting the AC on. I called the service guy at the GM shop and told him my story and I think he figures I'm nuts:bla:

    So the winter front is off now and low and behold my truck is warm inside.....sometimes you just can't win.

    I think i know what the fix will be but I'll wait for the high paid P.Eng's to send me the updated winter front, or show me where to cut the hole in it..:idea2:
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    The sensor for that is right in the middle of the grille on my truck, an '05 Chevy with a duramax. I moved it all the way over to the right (driver's side) and it seemed to correct the problem. I had similar issue. Maybe it's the same with the 07's.

    You can go to dieselplace.com. Lots of good info on our trucks there. Just for Chevy's and GMC's.
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    thanks for the good info Phil,
    My 02 Duramax's inside mirror temp gauge was only effected by 6 or 8 degrees C with the winter front on but, it didn't effect setting the temp in the cab. On my 07 the winter front effected it over 40 degrees C? I couldn't believe my eyes, and I kept checking to make sure the engine wasn't overheating... I guess it wouldn't be bad if the truck didn't have to do the thinking for us now. I'll check out the site you suggested, its pretty bad when you spend over $67,000. Canadian, and have to sort this stuff out on your own.
    side note...the same truck is $47,000 in the USA and its not cause of shipping?

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