Dual quad for $2,000! - eBay

Discussion in ''Da Nailhead' started by BuickStreet, Jul 22, 2002.

  1. BuickStreet

    BuickStreet Guest

  2. CyberBuick

    CyberBuick What she used to be....

    "If you use BIN S/H will be free".. For the price somebodys sure to pay for that setup, shipping should be free anyways..

    You'd think he'd a had the sense to at least repaint the intake while he had the carbs being redone.. shesh!
  3. Bill Bailey

    Bill Bailey Well-Known Member

    I have been pricing correct carbs rebuilt for my 65 GS and so far I have two seperate quotes, both are $300.00 not including shipping. I would pay $900.00 for it, if I wanted to go that route. Take care all.
    Bill Bailey
  4. BuickStreet

    BuickStreet Guest

    Should have bought a setup for $1000 that I had the opportunity to buy a few months ago but I thought 'that' price was outrageous.
  5. BuickStreet

    BuickStreet Guest

    It was passed in at $610.
  6. wildcat2

    wildcat2 Well-Known Member

    He wants $1500 now (probably the original reserve). There's been a few MUCH BETTER complete set-ups that have gone for half of that in the last few months. Good luck to the seller, but I would pass on this one.

    I stand corrected, just checked again, and someone bought it for $1600.00 !!!! OH MY GOD, Will the insanity ever end? I'll never be able to put dual quads on my car now.
  7. CyberBuick

    CyberBuick What she used to be....

    $1600 ?? Where? Page shows final bid was $610.01 with the reserve not being met.
  8. Dale

    Dale Sweepspear

    They re-listed it.
    And it sold with buy it now.
  9. Dan K

    Dan K Well-Known Member

    I have dealt with that guy, sort of...

    I spoke to that guy about 66 parts a month or so ago, and he told me he had a number of items that I wanted, including a decent steering wheel. He wants a 66 GS convertible badly, so I gave him a few leads I had dug up over the past months, and he was really appreciative, and said he'd give me a deal on the parts. Two days later, I saw all of the parts on ebay. I emailed him about it, and got no reply. Bottom line....I wouldn't trust him with my hard earned money. I don't trust a man who doesn't keep his word, and doesn't know how to return a favor. Just my personal experience, and .02
  10. Re: I have dealt with that guy, sort of...

    I haven't purchased anything from him myself either, but he's been posting items for sale lately on the BPC email list, and my impression of him is that he is an "ebay salesman", and nothing more. Just in it for the money. I wouldn't spend $10 on any of his stuff. On his "for sale" posts he was typing in ALL UPPER CASE LETTERS. When one of the list members politely asked him to use lower case letters except for points of emphasis(and explained why), he jumped all over his sh*t about it. Basically told him, if you don't like the way I type, don't read my f-ing posts... he's a real a-hole as far as I'm concerned. Definitely not an asset to our Buick community.

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