Does anyone sell a replacement ring gear for a flywheel?

Discussion in 'U-shift em' started by buick64203, Dec 11, 2018.

  1. buick64203

    buick64203 Just plum crazy Staff Member

    Bought a spare 455 manual trans flywheel the other day. Its in nice shape. Someone bead blasted it and resurfaced it already. Ring gear is fine except for 2 or 3 teeth that are just a little chewed on the very end. It would probably be just fine to install as is but it got me wondering if someone sells a replacement ring gear for a big block flywheel. They seem to sell it for everything else. So is there a source for a Buick one or are we SOL?
  2. Quick Buick

    Quick Buick Arlington Wa

    IIRC Chevy fits. the 168 tooth iirc.

    Just measure the ID & OD any good parts guy should be able to figure out what you need.
  3. Quick Buick

    Quick Buick Arlington Wa

  4. 87GN_70GS

    87GN_70GS Well-Known Member

    What I have done in the past is take a stock fleplate, crack the welds with a hammer. The gear will break loose. Then just file down the rough spots. Drive off the old gear off the flywheel with a drift or punch. Put the flywheel in the freezer overnight. Warm up the gear in an oven, drive it on the flywheel with a drift or punch
  5. 436'd Skylark

    436'd Skylark Sweet Fancy Moses!!!!!

    Order it at any machine shop. Ive replaced hundreds. It's not application specific.

    Real easy to change. Nip the old one off with a torch or hammer it off with a punch. Set the new one on a perch of sorts and heat it with the torch until its blueing from the heat. It'll drop right in place. Once it cools off it'll regain its press.
  6. telriv

    telriv Well-Known Member

    Just heat it up & turn it 45*. A V-8 stops in one of four places (every 90*) ALWAYS so it will be on barely used teeth.
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  7. Briz

    Briz Platinum Level Contributor

    Probably not needed for this application but I recently repaired the teeth on the flex plate of my F 250 / 7.3. Pulling the trans and replacing it was last on my list of options. Pulled the inspection cover and starter. rotated the engine until the 2 sections of missing teeth were showing in the clear. These were pretty much completely gone. Used the Mig welder and built up the spots where the teeth should have been then used a cut off wheel on the angle grinder to reshape the teeth. I was really tired of getting stuck until I could bump it over enough to catch good teeth. its been about 6 months and have not had one issue since.
  8. buick64203

    buick64203 Just plum crazy Staff Member

    That's actually a good idea. I have a guy that's a whiz with a Tig welder.
  9. corkgs

    corkgs Well-Known Member

    So once in a while turn the motor by hand to use new teeth on the ring gear to get even wear?
  10. corkgs

    corkgs Well-Known Member

    Or it stops at only 4 spots all the time then theory doesn't work

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