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  1. GearDown767

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    My manual drums have started giving me cardiac moments. I've got a good-lookin '64 Skylark coupe that I'm looking to re-equip with power disc fronts and I'm unsure about a couple of things regarding the 14" rims that came on the car when I purchased it. I'm told the rims are from an early '70's Skylark but I'm not sure if they are suitable for disc brakes. I'd rather not the expense of setting up 15" wheels if possible. My hope is that someone can tell me if these rims will work with a 14" power disc brake conversion kit from EBay. Is there some way to determine what year the rims were made? Many thanks to everyone in advance, this forum is priceless! Dave
    1964-1972 GM A F X Body - Power Disc Brake Conversion Kit Chevelle, Camaro,Nova

    • Condition: New
    • ITEM PRICE:US $529.95Free Shipping
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  2. GearDown767

    GearDown767 Ole Bluer

    Here's the conversion kit listed info:

    Complete drum to power disc brake conversion kit. All new parts included!

    Includes proportioning valve for front disc / rear drum brakes

    Top quality parts for easy installation and reliable braking performance.

    What this item includes:

    - 11" Rotors

    - New Calipers (Single piston)

    - Forged Spindles

    - Dust shields

    - Caliper mounting brackets

    - Hoses

    - Banjo Bolts and copper washers

    - Bearings

    - Seals

    - Dust caps

    - All associated grade 8 hardware

    - 1-1/8" bore master cylinder

    - 9" Zinc Plated Power Booster

    - disc/drum proportioning valve

    - Proportioning valve bracket

    - brake warning switch pigtail harness

    - bench bleeder kit

    - Complete Installation Instructions with Photos

    * if you are looking for a conversion kit with a power booster or a disc/disc valve check out our

    store. All items are in stock and ready to ship!

    Fitment Notes:

    This kit will work with 14" factory GM disc brake wheels,14" disc brake rally wheels and most 14" and larger aftermarket wheels.

    -Maintains factory wheel spacing and geometry of a factory disc brake car.

    -Kit is shipped in multiple boxes.

    In stock and ships within 1 business day. ALL questions are welcome.

    Check out our other products in our Disc Brake Conversion Kits store to purchase a fully assembled kit.

    Vehicle Compatibility:

    - 1964-72 GM A-Body Chevelle, Cutlass, El Camino, GTO,

    Monte Carlo, 442, LeMans, Skylark.
  3. BrianTrick

    BrianTrick Brian Trick

    How exact or correct do you want it?
  4. Gulfgears

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    Hey from Covington, actually Barker's Corners if you know where that is!
    I used a 1972 OEM disc brake set up and my 14" wheels fit perfectly. You can get most everything from local auto parts stores, except spindles, get them used I'm sure the parts hoarders here have thousands of them.
    Proportioning valve from InLine tube, or just get thier change over brake line and valve.
    Hard weekend of work and you will have disc brakes
  5. gstewart

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    If a customer purchased a '67 or '68 with drum brakes & rallye wheels (would they be meant for 4 piston disk brakes?) would this kit fit?
  6. GearDown767

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    I'd have to say my functional standards would be pretty high for a brake conversion......
    but I'm not too concerned about the originality of the conversion. Is that what you mean?
  7. GearDown767

    GearDown767 Ole Bluer

    Hello from Mandeville! thanks for the info.....I'll check into it. Do you have disc brake 14" rallys?
  8. DasRottweiler

    DasRottweiler -BuickAddict-

    Couple of things I would like to add.
    The part number for the prop valve from Inline Tube is PR102, disc front ,drum rear . You can buy it from ToddsGS , a member here. Also you can get new spindles at GroundUpSS396.com for around $80.
    I'll be doing the swap this winter, and have been collecting parts in preparation.
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  9. GearDown767

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    UPDATE... 2 1/2 months later I've got front disc brakes and life is good! The kit above installed as advertised without any major problems at all.
    Other than replacing the brake lines completely to avoid having to install unions onto the existing (ancient) lines, the kit was complete and I had no
    clearance problems at all with my 14" rally rims. I've got the brake pedal re-positioned to the lower setting and the pedal pressure is light and braking is
    confident. I would recommend the Leed brake kit for sure!

    brake22.jpg brake33.jpg brake44.jpg brake1.jpg
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