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    STAGE-2 TORQUE STAGE-2 Buick "482 Stroker" soon!

    ... I think ... this is a reply from @ 2-months ago????:Do No:
    I forgot what your reply was originally regarding.

    STAGE-2 TORQUE STAGE-2 Buick "482 Stroker" soon!

    ... the "repainting" of my D&S Buick 455 is complete. The water pump and aluminum thermostat housing from TA Performance gets here by Wednesday ... and I cant wait to paint and install. I'm putting in the "R45" plugs the same day. The distributor rebuild will happen next weekend.:grin:

    (PS; "look" at the "Stage-1" sticker on the air cleaner assembly.)

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  3. moleary

    moleary GOD Bless America

    Sounds like it is going to come together quick.

    What about that painted internal of the timing cover / water pump housing I posted about a few days ago?


    STAGE-2 TORQUE STAGE-2 Buick "482 Stroker" soon!

    It's NOT A PROBLEM.:grin: I did post a reply to this the same day you inquired. Dan has done many of his motors like this for YEARS ... no one has had an issue YET. Are we 'done' with this topic? (lol)
  5. moleary

    moleary GOD Bless America

    Oh, I must have missed your reply:spank: I just have never seen that area painted before:Do No:

    And who is that happy fellow in one of those pictures with your engine?

    Have a great Fourth.

    STAGE-2 TORQUE STAGE-2 Buick "482 Stroker" soon!

    Sorry, I didn't realize you didn't read my reply-to-your-reply:beer.

    That would be "ME.":laugh:

    I swear to God ... I lost weight stressed over getting this engine done/in Brooklyn with my transmission.:shock:

    STAGE-2 TORQUE STAGE-2 Buick "482 Stroker" soon!

    "You have a fantastic 4th as well; I bet YOU will be DRIVING your BUICK today.:TU::TU:"

    STAGE-2 TORQUE STAGE-2 Buick "482 Stroker" soon!

    ... FINALLY was able to "update" my Site (... I almost had forgotten about it's major purpose) with my motor and the "Cold-Air-Induction System" I invented for my Stage-1 Buick 455 Regal.:TU:

    Major modifications (exterior/size/weight mainly ... and more rounding) are already in play. I can finalize it, and make it BEAUTIFUL now ... cause' ... I have the D&S 455 I've been waiting for ... and the "455" can now go in the Regal.:beers2:

  9. pooods

    pooods Well-Known Member

    Glad you have gotten your engine. Hope all works out well for you too! BUT, you need to listen more to people on this board IMO. When people tell you to ask for a build sheet you might want to do so. A good builder will have such a sheet. It will show the clearances on the bearings and all the parts used. This is the story of your engine. Without it you are blind as to what you really have. If you have problems in the future a build sheet might help you figure out a problem also. Also, a friend of mine is a GREAT engine builder. He has been building and racing his engines since the late 60's. However, he is a Chevy builder and when I used him on my Buick parts he cost me hundreds of dollars. When I used a local race shop to build my last short block he didn't listen and set bearing clearances to what he thought was needed. His "Chevy" way of thinking cost me much needed oil pressure. This shop is considered the best in our area but again they build Chevy engines.
    So, I suggest in the future you do many searches on here. You ask as many questions as possible and when certain members tell you something you listen.

    Glad you are happy and I sure hope you stay that way.

    STAGE-2 TORQUE STAGE-2 Buick "482 Stroker" soon!

    Thanks. I DO listen to PEOPLE, the way I REACT to what PEOPLE say/tell me is QUITE a different STORY. Spoke to Dan regarding the BUILDSHEET the day o picked up my motor; Dan offered the info to me ... I told him when "I" need it (God forbid ) I will get it. I refuse to post that sheet here ... CAUSE FOR SOME STRANGE REASON; PEOPLE are dying to SEE it WAAAAAY MORE THAN ... ME.
  11. bostongsx

    bostongsx Platinum Level Contributor

    As long as your builder is warrantying your engine I wouldn't worry about it either... If it blows up he has to rebuild it for free correct, how long is he giving you for time/mileage?

    Also nice work on the 2 -stage, if you are looking for someone to track test the performance let me know, I would be happy to try it at the bpg event and post the results, I have a cowl hood so clearance shouldn't be an issue. Is there anything internal on that air box to take care of the turbulence.
    Let me know

    STAGE-2 TORQUE STAGE-2 Buick "482 Stroker" soon!

    Thanks much, Herb. Yes. The very first issue I addressed in my "2-Stage Cold-Air-Induction System" was AIR TURBULENCE:TU:. The INSIDE is nothing like the OUTSIDE.:beers2:

    STAGE-2 TORQUE STAGE-2 Buick "482 Stroker" soon!

    ... been super-busy;

    The '87 Regal, the D&S motor, the TA long headers, tranny, GN chrome-moly driveshaft, 10-bolt GN 3:42-posi, and the fuel lines head to the SHOP next week Friday.:TU:

    The TA Buick 455 flywheel, Buick 455 100-amp chrome alternator, and a new H.E.I. "pick-up" were ordered this morning ... gets here by Thursday latest.

    Brian :)TU::TU:) at gbodyparts.com sold me the water pump & crank pullies with stainless steel bolts & screws included. I sanded/primed/painted the pullies and the original '73 Buick 455 alternator bracket last night ... they look PERFECT ... you can still see the ###'s on each piece.:TU:

    In closing ... thank you all ... AGAIN.:TU::TU::TU::beers2:

    STAGE-2 TORQUE STAGE-2 Buick "482 Stroker" soon!

    ... the Stage-1 Buick Regal TRANSFORMATION begins Friday after work!!! :beer

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  15. PaulGS

    PaulGS Well-Known Member

    How is it a hobby if you don't do any of the work?

    Not to be a smart ass, but is'nt doing it yourself a big part of the satisfaction?

    Help me understand this......:Smarty:
  16. TaxBBBuick

    TaxBBBuick Member

    Guys I enjoyed reading your posts. Do you have a dino sheet? Around how much did it cost? My 73/74 455 blew and Im looking for a local buick shop to build my long block. I am located in Westchester NY. I need some one who is knows buick motors, this is my second motor i blew. yes its fun doing it yourslef but I would like to drive the car again sometime this year.

    STAGE-2 TORQUE STAGE-2 Buick "482 Stroker" soon!

    ... "IF" you are referring to "me," I don't think you read closely.

    To reiterate, way back in 1997 ... without ANY technical help, I bought a '74 Buick 455-V8 Electra for $500 running/driving/killer-A/C ... even did burnouts with it my friend could NOT do with his 5.0 Mustang. I bought a '85 Regal sands motor/tranny ... and put that 455 in the Regal and beat the hell out of it till I threw 2 rods. It took me @ 1-month to get the 455 in the Regal ... and close the hood ... until I saw a Poston add in Muscle Car Magazine. I called Jim ... the rest is History.

    Now; I (with the help of my "drinking" brother with no mechanical-anything) removed the 455 from the Electra, I called the junkyard to come get the Electra' when I was done with it ... they paid me $50 for the Electra, I got the chassis mounts from Poston, I paid for them as well. I borrowed my friend's portable engine lift and pushed it 6-blocks back and forth till I got the motor in the Regal ... that I paid for. I was the one under my Regal lying on my back in frustration for 2-hours daily praying to God to help me get the Regal done. I was the one that cut his hands deeply ... daily and again... it was I that ignored the pain of of sweat, dirt & oil in the cuts. I also installed the Poston chassis-mounts by first installing the motor/tranny/chassis&motor mount kit as one ... bolting it all up ... then spray-painting around the chassis-mounts to create a template as to where to drill new holes (Poston lied ... the holes NEVER line up. You need to drill 2-new holes). I was the one installing/pulling the motor till I got it centered. I was the one that busted my heater core & cover. I was the one that cracked my grille putting the motor in the Regal. I was the one that felt that pain. I also was the one that figured out to move the TH200-cross-member back a few inches to accept the th400 AND keep everything centered. I was the one that had to bang out the radiator housing on both sides to clear the '74 Buick Electra' radiator in the '85 Regal. I paid for it all ... JUST LIKE THIS TRAIN RIDE. I cut/modified my fuel lines ... gasoline tastes NASTY ... I had it all in my face while under the Regal ... I stayed ... GOT IT DONE. I additionally cut into the '85' Regal's crossmember chassis bracket ... slid the crossmember in between the 6-inch long section, and bolted down the crossmember that way. I used a die-cutter to do this ... WITH NO GOGGLES!

    I did a whoooole lot more than I can write here ... like listening to the shop owner (My mother's mechanic at the time, may she rest in peace.) Willie Rodriguez tell me, "Broooo, you're wasting my lift's time & money. You are NEVER gonna' get that BIG motor in that Regal. It was DEVASTATING proving a Puerto-Rican mechanic ... WRONG!!!

    Heck, I also sanded & repaint the Regal's entire engine bay (by HAND) before the Pee-Gee Buick 455 went in.

    OH; I'M SORRY ... the above TRUE-STORY was in reference to my "stock" Buick 455 Regal.

    I blew the original '74 Buick 455 ... and had to go see Scotty at Pee-Gee Performance.

    Now ... the sammme things I did to my prior 3 Buick 455 Regals ... I am doing again ... and better. Just because I mention a "shop" ... it doesn't mean I aint gonna' do nothing.

    WHO said I was NOT going to be heavily involved physically in "MY" Project??????:Do No::Do No::Do No::Do No::Do No:

    The shop is my friends.

    STAGE-2 TORQUE STAGE-2 Buick "482 Stroker" soon!

    ... I took alot of photos at D&S Performance. I was fooling around on lunch-hour today with creating a serious slide show of the progress of my Regal. This only a test.:laugh:

  19. RegalBeagle

    RegalBeagle Member

    The hobby could be just enjoying the car for some people, while for others it could be paint and body or building engines. It sounds like Stage2Torque has done an awful lot of his own work on his cars over the years.
    At the end of the day if a guy just has the money to get it done rather than the time to do it himself really doesn't matter. For me there are things I am comfortable trying and things I'm not ready to tackle yet. Wrenching on 5 to 8k worth of parts on an engine isn't just somethig a guy hopes "works out ok". :laugh:

  20. bigz

    bigz Well-Known Member

    I agree yes working on them is part of the fun I suppose but I enjoy driving the car more than anything. A good friend of mine is just the opposite he's a very talented guy when it comes to cars, but he builds them and then six months later gets rid of them and works on something else. I've done some of the work on my car (installed nitrous kit, some suspension stuff, maintenance, etc), but I left the paint and body to a professional. I'm thinking about building a 455 at some point and would never try it on my own. I read alot of stuff on here about guys destroying new motors not saying they don't know what they are doing, but I'll let a shop take that risk rather than me I can only afford to do it once.

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