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Discussion in 'Race 400/430/455' started by 72GSX, Apr 30, 2002.

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    :Comp: Hi buick people, Well I hope to get my motor back in my car this week and want to keep playing with my vacuum pump setup. I built some baffles under the intake to hopefully let me draw from the back of the intake without sucking oil. My question is what is a safe crankcase vacuum to run to get some good from it but not cause any problems. If I remember right I had read that to much vacuum can run the wrist pins dry for example. I am thinking of some kind of adjustable air inlet into a valve cover drawing from inside the air cleaner to keep dirt out of motor. I am going to put a vacuum guage in the car hooked to the crankcase to see what it is doing.:Do No:
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    I've seen people drill and tap for Holley jets in there valve covers. I no expierence in vacume pumps myself.

    good luck
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    Aerospace Components sells a vacuum relief valve adjustable from 0-20" of vacuum. It sells for $99. Generally you try to set the vacuum at 10-12" to make the best power and not run anything dry. I'm running a Moroso 3-vane with a 2.5" crank pulley and a 5" pump pulley but it only pulled 2-5" of vacuum-not enough pump speed. I'm going to a 4" pulley on the pump but I don't have the motor back running to give you an update. The vacuum pump is a good piece to have on a race motor. It helps keep the rings sealed up and oil out of the combustion chamber which is very important if your running Nitrous. When every bit of hp counts its just one more place to get a couple.
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    The part # for that Aeospace part is 026-ac-rfv which is a Jegs part#. The piece billet aluminum and fits great into the original breather hole in the valve cover.
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    :grin: Yes, I do have my wild ride on tape. Thats where I got my pic from and explains why that pic is so fuzzy.
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