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Discussion in 'Help From Above' started by Matt S, Jan 2, 2011.

  1. Matt S

    Matt S Matt

    As some of you might recall I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis several months ago. The first onset put me in the hospital for a week and 2-1/2 months of bed rest. I had 3 smaller flair ups where I just felt like crap for a couple weeks and now since mid December I've been really sick again. I feel terrible that the family suffers when these flair ups hit me. I can deal with the pain and other issues but letting down the family is just killing me. We had to cancel our summer vacation because I was sick and now Christmas and New Years was a wash because I'm too sick to leave the house.

    Thanks for reading.

  2. carmantx

    carmantx Never Surrender

    Matt, sorry to hear and prayers lifted. I don't know what you have, but what is the prognosis if you don't mind sharing?

    I'm down for a couple weeks after surgery now, but will be back better than before hopefully. I pray you will be back strong soon.

    The amazing thing about real family is, they will take care of you. Don't try to over do things, and don't worry about letting them down. More than likely, they want you to do what is needed to get better and feel good.
  3. Rustyoldbuick

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    Prayer's sent your way ,if all you can do right now is "BE THERE" than be there love your family, they love you
  4. chryco63

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    You're in my prayers, Matt, for your healing, for your family, and for peace and comfort over the whole situation.

    Keep strong. :)
  5. 1 bad gs

    1 bad gs Well-Known Member

    good luck to you matt, prayers coming your way.
  6. Matt S

    Matt S Matt

    Thanks for all the prayers. I had to spend 1/19-1/22 in the holpital again and haven't worked since the week before Christmas. My current Doctor is struggling to get contol of this last flair-up. I'm working on getting a second opinion to see if there is anything that was missed or maybe learn of another option. I'm also looking into some ulternative remedies to gain any edge I can find. I'm pretty much sitting or laying around all day unable to do anything because I feel so bad. Hopefully something changes soon to find some relief in the stress on the family and on my health.

    Thanks again.
  7. Topless64-455

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    Matt, I believe this is what a friend of mine had. It just about killed him. The local hospital didnt know what they were doing. They took him to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester,MN. They removed some of his intestines and colon. I think they ended up reconstructing a colon out of his small intestine. It was touch and go for a while. He lost about 50lbs and he was only 170 to start. He was in so much pain and couldn't work for 9 months. He is much better now and back to normal weight. You would think he would not drink after this but he still has a few.

    Be strong and you can beat this.
  8. 69GS400s

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    Hi Matt - hope you start feeling better and have better days ahead
  9. Topless64-455

    Topless64-455 Well-Known Member

    Matt I just found out he is now 210lbs up from 128 and he never felt this good. He was one of the worst cases the Mayo had seen. He had to have follow up operations to remove scar tissue.

    I dont know how severe your case is but make sure they contact some experts. I would have them send information to the Mayo or go there yourself.
  10. GSXMEN

    GSXMEN Got Jesus?


    Here's a link from that you might want to check out.

    They mention that type of colitis.

    Several family members, myself included, have ordered things from True Health. They have quality products.

    I'm a firm believer in doing everything you can to take advantage of supplements, herbs, etc. You'll find all diseases basically come from having too much of something, or a deficiency in something else.

    The Bible specifically says that herbs are for the maintenance of man.
  11. Matt S

    Matt S Matt

    Topless64-455 Thanks for the info on the Mayo I was actually already trying to contact them. Glad your friend is doing well now. I started around 220lbs and I'm around 180 now. This is my second hospital stay in 10 months and my 5 flair-up with this desease in the same amount of time. Local hospital and my doctor is a specialist on this desease but it seems to be a slow process each time this happens.

    GSXMEN Thanks for the info on the alternate healing options. I'm doing some probiodics, fish oils, and vitimans now but I've only been on them for a few weeks and I know they could take a while to show if they are actually helping or not.

    Thanks again.
  12. GransSportHulk

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    My prayers are with you

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