Correct silver paint for 1964 Skylark trim and rear tail panel

Discussion in 'Color is everything!' started by TrunkMonkey, May 22, 2020.

  1. TrunkMonkey

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    In search of a part number or manufacture and color for the correct paint used on the side trim and rear trim panel between the taillights.

    I have NOS trim and there are the expected blemishes on the paint.

    I do not want to remove all the paint or paint over the original.

    It is the satin/matt silver (the same as electroplated nickel appears)

  2. steve covington

    steve covington Well-Known Member

    There is a TSB for mixing the correct paint for the tail panel. Unfortunately, the book is back in the shop, not here. Volume 2 of the Steven L. Dove book "Guide to Buick Gran Sports, GSX, VOLUME 2" Technical bulletins, service guides. Good info...For those few tidbits that you just MUST have...
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  3. TrunkMonkey

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    Thank you.
    I am patient.
    If you lay peepers on the manual when you get back, and it's not too much trouble, I'll sit here and wait. :)

    Meanwhile, enjoy the weather!
  4. steve covington

    steve covington Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately, I can't upload stuff; never have been able. (Old school basic flip phone) But I can type out the mixture! Unless somebody else posts that reference...
  5. steve covington

    steve covington Well-Known Member

    As they say in Japan, 'Gomen-nasai' (I'm sorry.) I had several of the TSB's mixed up... None of them applicable to the 64...
    66-16 was for the black trim on the 66 tail panel (1.5 OZ of 4528 flattening compound to 1 QT unreduced 88 black lucite.)
    66-171 was for the silver on 66 tail lamp lens. (Remove yellowed paint; remove aluminum paint with lacquer thinner on cloth; Mask area; wipe with paint prep cleaning solvent [Prep-Sol, Pre-Cleano, Ditz-O 440]; Spray with one of the following aluminum acrylic paints: R-M AT 114; duPont 302L; Ditzler DMA 349.) ***Perhaps this MAY help you...***
    72-I-15 is a 5 page long description on interior plastic trim and paint/prep of it.{TL;DR}
    68-I-11 was for the paint on painted insert portion on chrome wheels on all 65/66 series and 67 for 45,46,48, and 49000 series cars.. (Dupont products 305L Black 273.5; 327L Alum. 404.5; 310L Gold Toner 425; 328L White 442; Makes one pint . 1967 43 & 44000 series and all 1968 series use DuPont 88L.))
  6. TrunkMonkey

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    And as I said in Okinawa and Misawa, "Domo arigato gozaimasu!" for your time and the information.

    I have a friend that does restoration bodywork and paint, and I'll take a piece to him and this information and see if he can mix up the correct paint.

    I should have stated, I was looking for a near-exact match that might be available in a rattle can, but if it requires a complete reshoot, can do the prep work and tape off, then let him shoot everything at once.

    Considering that there are only a few areas that are "rubbed" and need to be fixed, I did not want to redo all the pieces for both sides and the tail panel if there was a can I could use to blend/touch up.


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