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Discussion in 'Classic Buicks' started by mromaus, Feb 3, 2020.

  1. mromaus

    mromaus Active Member

    Hi guys,

    Along with fighting with wheel size, I am working on my interior.

    My climate control is all cracked and not legible when light shines through.

    What is a good source for a new one?

    The only one's I keep seeing is wood grain and I need black. Otherwise I have to buy a whole kit for $60.00.

    Thoughts? Common fixes?

  2. flynbuick

    flynbuick Super Moderator Staff Member

    Posting your make, model and year is important.
  3. mromaus

    mromaus Active Member

    Thanks, sorry.

    72 Skylark with AC.

    Looks like this:
  4. ajesh35

    ajesh35 Well-Known Member

    Call Cars ask if the sell the black application as a set or will they split it up
  5. jaye

    jaye Well-Known Member

    There was a thread on the board that had an eBay dealer with black and chrome plates. You may be able to do a search for it
  6. mromaus

    mromaus Active Member

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  7. Daves69

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  8. Brett Slater

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  9. mromaus

    mromaus Active Member

    Just an update.

    I went with the eBay face plate. As far as I can tell all of these face plates are basically vinyl printed or cut. I feel that the price of all of these is a little steep for what they are but the eBay version seems like the least risk. In this case I am at least potentially helping somebody collect a few bucks to work on that project.

    The seller was very quick to get back to me with some questions that I had. I will try to take before and after pics.
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