Carter fuel pump failure

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    Just fyi with my personal experience of the day. When I put the car together, I bought a new Carter mechanical fuel pump. Today, after about 450 miles, it failed. Where the bottom of the pump is sealed to the cast body has failed, and fuel was spraying everywhere. It was a $30 pump so it didn't ruin me, but it just sucks to have happen already.

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    Will Summit give you another? Carter has a customer service on their webpage, they might want to know about the defect. I could've caused a fire and there would be major liability issues. I'd definitely give them a call, just to see how concerned they are. You may even want to take pictures or video of it running and spraying fuel. Keeping a fire extinguisher handy of course.
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    I may try that. It must have done it for my whole drive yesterday, as it took the paint off the block next to where the pump sits. I got pretty lucky really.

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