can you help decode this vin a cowl tag? GSX??

Discussion in 'The "Paper Trail"' started by CARHEX1, Mar 10, 2015.

  1. CARHEX1


    can somebody help me decode this please i jumped the gun and started to part it but it might be rare enough to restore thanks Hector

    st 72 43437 FL1 ****

    tr 136 53t pnt

    09e a65

    vin 4G37k2h116670

    has 350 air clear n25 and rear spoiler and rally wheels and gs rocker panel moldings
  2. buick64203

    buick64203 Just plum crazy Staff Member

    does it have a GSX dash emblem? What is the body number?
  3. CARHEX1


    049273 and just says buick on the dash pad
  4. BadBrad

    BadBrad Got 4-speed?


    Good on ya for getting it checked out first!

    You're a good man.
  5. buick64203

    buick64203 Just plum crazy Staff Member

    I believe all 71-72 GSX's had super low body numbers. So chances are its not
  6. CARHEX1


  7. staged70

    staged70 RIP

    Sloan has the paperwork on these so have it checked out.
  8. CARHEX1


    do the go up to 72? i got it for my 70 do a few years back do you know how kong it takes now a days?
  9. CARHEX1


    the front spoiler is gone how would i check to see if it had one any special bolts or holes that would still be there?
  10. 70SherwoodGS

    70SherwoodGS Well-Known Member

    Hector, as far as I know the Sloan museum does have the 72 records. Also to confirm, this is a 350 car, Cortez Gold, Tan Top with Saddle Interior?
  11. CARHEX1


    interior is saddle 350 car and it has one paint over it but sounds right no top though
  12. CARHEX1


    any other things a gsx would have that i can look for?
  13. buick/olds

    buick/olds Well-Known Member

    Build sheet hidden= free
    Sloan is quick n worth money if GSX or Not
    Excellent source...

    Lower trim SS 3" pin stripes black or red ?
    Check for V top trim holes/ nail head traces?
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  14. Racerx88

    Racerx88 Platinum Level Contributor

    Someone should check this, but this is what I can find right now..................

    ST 72 = 1972
    43437 = Skylark
    FL1 **** = Flint plant & sequential body number
    TR 136 = Dark Saddle interior
    53t pnt = Cortex Gold lower with ????? color vinyl top (can't find a "T" code for '72)
    09e = Built 5th week of September
    a65 = Bench seat with fold down armrest
    vin 4G37k2h116670 =
    -4 = Buick
    -G = GS
    -37 = Skylark
    -K = 350 dual exhaust
    -2 = 1972
    -H = Flint plant
    -116670 = 16,670 Skylark built
  15. 70SherwoodGS

    70SherwoodGS Well-Known Member

    Here's a link to top codes

    Says "T" is "Light Covert"? Not familiar with that color.
  16. 70SherwoodGS

    70SherwoodGS Well-Known Member

    Got any pictures Hector? Also, I can't remember who said it, but someone on here a while back made a comment about how a few GS's were ordered with just the spoiler in 72???

    There were 6 Cortez Gold X's built in 72. 5 non-vinyl cars and 1 with a white top.
  17. buford27

    buford27 '57 Special

    4 = Buick
    G = GS
    37 = 2-door hardtop coupe
    K = engine code = 350 V8, 8.5:1 CR, 285 lbs-ft, 190 HP, 4V carb, Dual exhaust
    2 = 1972 model year
    H = built at Flint, MI
    116670 = sequential number, range was 100,001 to 235,055 for Flint, MI built A-body cars for 1972 (400001-523544 for Flint B-C body cars, 900001-933728 for Flint E-body cars)

    ST 72-43437 FL1 49273 BDY
    TR 136 53 T PNT
    09E A65

    ST = style
    72 = 1972 model year

    43437 = Fisher body style number
    4 = Buick
    34 = GS
    37 = 2-door hardtop coupe

    FL1 = body built at Flint, MI
    49273 = sequential body (BDY) number, no relation to VIN

    TR = trim
    Trim 136 = Saddle Vinyl, available on styles 43337, 43369, 43437, 43467, 44437, 44439, 44467, 44469

    PNT = paint
    Paint code 53 = solid Cortez Gold Metallic
    T = Covert (Sandalwood) vinyl roof

    09E = body build date = September (09) 1971, fifth week (E)

    Option codes:
    A65 = Notch Back Bench Front Seat
  18. 71GSX455-4SPD

    71GSX455-4SPD Nick Serwo Magic Car

    In '71 and '72, the GSX package consisted of rear spoiler, hood/side/spoiler stripes, rear quarter and spoiler "GSX" decals and a "GSX" dash emblem. The front spoiler and hood tach were options. Big block/small block/bucket/bench/vinyl top all available. Very hard to verify. Body numbers were low in '71, but I'm not sure if this was the case in '72. I believe a total of (44) cars were produced in '72, so very few specimens out there!
  19. Mike Trom

    Mike Trom Blah, Blah, Blah

    If this is true then the answer it is not a GSX:
    Cortez gold =yes (possible 1 of 6 cars)
    Vinyl top = yes (possible 1 of 1 car)
    Unfortunately the top is the wrong color according to the tag.
  20. CARHEX1


    thanks its back to a parts car =(

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