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  1. wormwood

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    my newer build (only 1 year old) is burning oil. its a 455, stage 2 Gregg Gessler ported heads (heads are about 8 years old). 10 and 3/4 to one compression. T.A roller rockers.

    when i built it i may have forgotten to position the gaps in the rings on one of the pistons. (would that cause the oil burning?) maybe need to adjust the valves? if not, any other ideas?
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  3. Robs455

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    It depends on how much oil is burned and when?

    Valve guides, pcv and rings are the usual suspects. Check out the plugs and you will see which cylinder is burning oil
  4. Mark Demko

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    I have read the rings rotate during operation, so gap placement isn't too critical, but I still position them as per instructionso_O
    Adjusting valves would have no effect.
    If they're Gessler heads, I'd imagine they have seals on the exhaust guides (stock Buick didn't use any)
    Vac modulator for trans?
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    If the oil usage just started then it's not you ring install work.
    If you have duel Exh can oil be seen out each tail pipe when someone drives behind you, if so does the oil smoke only take place on deceleration?

    If so then it's at least a valve seal issue if not a valve guide and valve seal issue.

    Where white Teflon type seals used on the heads do you know?

    Has you idle speed changed as could indicate a leaking intake gasket and you sucking oil into one cylinder, which brings up the question as to how are the plugs looking?
  6. Bluzilla

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    I have to agree that the White PC Teflon valve stem seals could very well be the culprit (if applicable). I chased my tail years ago before the Viton rubber seals became the norm. What happens is that over time and use the stiff Teflon wears and can also become oversized as the valve stem rocks slightly in the guide. Once that takes place the Teflon seal is too loose to control the oil efficiently, ...... the intake valve ends up sucking in oil.

    Of course that is just one possibility.

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