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  1. Stagedcoach71

    Stagedcoach71 Well-Known Member

    Anyone find a way to improve the look/weight of the 73-74 Apollo bumpers. I took my front one off Sat and it is a tank with all the brackets.

    Fiberglass? Body color?
  2. Carry Gross

    Carry Gross Well-Known Member

    I separated the chrome bumper cover from the heavy metal reinforcement piece that the bumper shocks bolt to.(actually I took the whole front bumper assembly apart -spread all the parts out and said ok something has to go- this thing is to heavy) Removed as much metal as I could from that piece using various size hole saws and a grinder for the larger frontal area, trying not to take away much of the parts strength just in case. I am sure it is not a sturdier piece now, but it is noticeably lighter than it originally was. I took about 11 lbs. out of it. The area right behind the lower grills in the bumper is where most came out, I was mainly trying to reduce that monster bumpers weight,but the bonus was more airflow directly to the radiator as those lower grills are now functional. Leave all mounting tabs in place as you will need them to bolt everything back up without changing anything. If I had the skills I would fab up an aluminum setup to replace those shocks and the bumper mounts. That would really help. Maybe this winter I will try. In the back I have decided to leave that bumper alone as the extra weight that far back might be helping traction. Hope this made sense,worked for me. I would love to have both bumpers tucked in and narrowed. Would make my main complaint of the car go away, other than that I love it. I will never be able to afford a real Yenko Nova or a real 70-72 Stage 1 GSX (my 2 favorites), so I went this way. Good luck
  3. Racerx88

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    When I had my '74, I always wanted to try swapping on '72-earlier Nova/Ventura bumpers.
    Never got the chance to try it before I sold the car though.
    I know the fenders wouldn't match up very well, but maybe it could be made to work somehow.

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