Buick National Meet 2020

Discussion in 'BCA Events' started by buickgs, Aug 24, 2019.

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    Buick Club of America National Meet July 15-18 2020 at Strongsville,Ohio. Hosted by North East Ohio Chapter. Host hotel Strongsville Holiday Inn 15471 Royalton Road Strongsville,Ohio 44136. Phone 440 238-8800. North East Ohio Buick 2020 meet.jpg
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    I just may attend....Who`s all going and what are you bringing?

    Strongsville and the Holiday Inn is a Great Place for a Show. I attend the Northern Ohio Chevelle Club show every year each August at the very same Holiday Inn.
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    as a non BCA member, what does my $55 entry fee get me ? Is it $55 just to show a car ?
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    I'm thinking about attending, but I would need to drive my Skylark there, I don't have a trailer or access to one. I live in Pittsburgh, so it's not a far drive. Anyone else actually drive their cars to events?
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