buick 455 into a buick apollo

Discussion in 'The "X" bodies' started by buickapollo455, May 6, 2004.

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    Many buick apollo owners have written on how hard it is to put a 455 in the compact car. This is true, the trick here is the movement of the block in the mount position. The exhaust is the worst, the worm gear box is in the way of the drivers side down pipe. Thus headers will not work and factory 71-73 electra will do the trick only if the whole engine is moved forward 2.5" from original 350 position. this also means losing the fan to a flex fan or electric fans in front of the radiator, If you have AC the upper pipes will get in your way on install of motor and you have to have the exhaust manifolds on before install because of the tight fit. You will have about 5/8" to brake booster and 1" to AC box ( if car has air) , Use a 28" 4core radiator from camaro 69 , tight fit but goes in, new upper radiator support will need be built , Use Electra motor mounts and shim as needed, use a Electra Air box to clear hood, and the battery will have to go the trunk . Car sits good on 350 springs in front, use frame rails to control body roll from torque of the 455, and heavy sway bar 1 1/8" , need other help contact me
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    how bout frame mounts
  3. 74 Buick apol

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    i pulled the 350 now i want to put the 455 in but need some info on frame mounts

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