bpg or norwalk

Discussion in 'Buick Events and Clubs' started by legends lanes, Dec 30, 2010.

  1. legends lanes

    legends lanes Active Member

    what is the better event. bpg nationals or nowalk?
  2. Roberta

    Roberta Buick Berta

    Not a good question to ask as they are entirely different venues.
  3. legends lanes

    legends lanes Active Member

    what does each event offer, how many days, etc.
  4. Roberta

    Roberta Buick Berta

    Buick Race Day 2011 will be the 21st Annual, all day test and tune on Friday plus qualifying for Heads Up and Quick 16 and a gamblers race, Saturday All Buick Show at Arbys in Norwalk, Dinner at Norwalk Eagles, and Sunday Buick RaceDay all Buick powered, Turbo Buick head up races, quick 16, V6 and V8 Bracket races and Second chance race, door prizes, cash payouts, vendors and more. Flyer will be out next week with complete Details.
    May 20-22, 2011, see link in my sig for pictures from the 2010 event.

    The Buick Performance Group National Meet is a club event, is July 29, 30, 31 at National Trail Dragway in Hebron, OH, this is the 7th annual and they are featuring Buick Turbo T and Turbo Trans Am for 2011. Click here for more info
    Hope that helps!
  5. Loyd

    Loyd Turbocharger junkie

    Why not go to both events and decide for your self. I keep going back to both as they are great events.

    Love the track at Norwalk, so if you are racing that may be important. Columbus strictly applies NHRA rules.

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