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    Our shop (Vintage Mechanical Works) sponsors several drag events each year andfor 2012 VMW will also take on the BOP drag race at Byron. Jeff Smith has putthis race on for many years and has asked us to help out.

    For 2012 VMW is expanding its race program and would like to start a new headsup class. The class will be for BOP Doorslammers, normally aspirated, and thecars weight will be based on lbs per cu in and hp potential.

    The VMW events for 2012 will be as follows:

    September 8, 9 2012

    BOP Doorslammer Nationals at Byron Il.
    VMW will be running this event with the typical classes along with the BOPDoorslammer NA Heads Up Race.

    October 13 2012

    BOP Fun Day at Cordova Il. The BOP Doorslammer NA Heads Up Race will be runduring this event.

    First, I would like to invite all of you to the races.

    Second, I would like to ask if anyone is interested in the HeadsUp class. If so we can discuss engines, weights, etc. An example of a Pontiacthat runs the class would be in the 8.90 to 9.20 second range in the quarterand with 473 cu in engine. Car weight with driver would be around 3100 lbs. Ascu in goes up weight goes up. As cu in goes down weight goes down. As you cansee this class is for the racers who have built naturally aspirated engineswith very high performance parts. The engines must be bases on the traditionalBuick blocks available up to 1979. No small block Chevs.

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