Body panels and shells, 69 71 72 Skylarks

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    We have a bunch of things to get rid of. Here is just a partial list:

    69 passenger fender $250
    69 driver door, nice straight and no rust problem, $125
    69 passenger door, same condition $125
    69 trunk lid $75
    69 rolling shell, no front, no doors, frame straight, no rust problems, qtrs look good, new floor pan, new cowl section, $500
    70-72 doors, No rust problems. Driver side, $150, driver side with dent, $75, Passenger side, needs work on front edge, $50
    70-72 core support, needs patch under battery, but otherwise it is solid. $200
    68-69 core supports (2), need patch under battery $200
    71 rolling shell. floor pan good, trunk may have a few small spots from sitting, 8.5"rear, glass good. Driver quarter has dent, repairable. $500
    72 roller, in other thread. $400

    I may can help with delivery, or partial delivery. I cover a lot of area.

    Let me know if you are looking for anything else. Always adding more stuff.
    And we have thousands of the small items.

    Thanks for looking.

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    carmantx Never Surrender

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