Boatttail Registry - Boattail of the Month - Boattail of the Year - Virtual Car Show

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    Post a picture of your Boattail Riv on the new
    Boattail Riviera Registry / Car Town Players page
    between 1200 pm tonight (Fri) and 1200pm Sunday night.

    Those who dont wish to facebook, can email me their picture before midnight every fri and I'll post it for you.

    The one with the most LIKES becomes the Boattail of the Month and the picture will be marked as such - and will be awarded a virtual trophy, added to Registry main page as well your members page.
    Just likes count - not comments but they are encouraged.

    Each Monthly winner will then be Eligible to compete for Boattail of Year next January.

    All other weekly virtual car show pictures will be removed on Monday night.

    Have a good day and a better day tomorrow
    Come see the Boattail Registry
    See how car crazy I'am



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