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    I think installing these girdles as-is requires cutting the cap too short. I remedy this by machining the girdle to cap surface .250"-300" and cutting the caps accordingly. The problem I see, is that the stock caps get far to weak that short, and get "sprung" after seeing use. They literally flop in the register.

    This particular block was repaired with billet caps and the girdle mod done on the center three. It had the center three caps spring loose.

    Also, the China wall needs to be cut true and then the pan registers cut from that datum line before install too. If the register depths vary in depth, correct that too so the air gap is right on for both sides.

    Machining, correcting the surfaces, line boring the caps and the final line hone actually took longer on this block than if I had started from ground zero with a new block/girdle.

    If anyone is planning on using one of these, I'd recommend this method of install. I'm glad to answer questions that any of your machine shops may have. I hate to see someone spend this kind of money to really still have a weak link.


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    Better pic, I hope. These caps are dark!

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