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  1. 69GS&M21

    69GS&M21 Silver Level contributor

    The yoke I bought from him arrived quickly and safely, and I cannot believe how clean this part is. It's like new. Incredible for the price he asked for it. This thing is too nice to actually install on my differential. I think I will use it as a piece of modern art or something. Great seller--I hope I can deal with him some more in the future.
  2. Quick Buick

    Quick Buick Arlington Wa

    Yes he's very fast at shipping,, packing is awesome.. Good guy
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  3. BigBlocksRule

    BigBlocksRule Well-Known Member

    Thank you gentlemen for the very kind words, much appreciated! This is why us Buick guys are in a class matched by no one.
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  4. gs66

    gs66 Silver Level contributor

    Just bought more from Jeff, fast shipping and well packaged! Thanks Jeff!
  5. 69GS&M21

    69GS&M21 Silver Level contributor

    Update and more kudos, after transaction #2: : He gave me a good deal on tires/wheels and trusted me to not be a creep. This makes 2 out of 2 that I am very happy with. So glad we have such good guys in this forum.

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