Big Valves in Nailhead?

Discussion in ''Da Nailhead' started by Bill Bailey, Aug 8, 2002.

  1. Bill Bailey

    Bill Bailey Well-Known Member

    :Do No:
    Since the term Nailhead is given to this engine design because of the small valves, has anyone installed bigger valves than what came stock? If so what all is involved? Thanks, I am just curious.
    Bill Bailey
  2. BuickStreet

    BuickStreet Guest

    I've been waiting for an answer to this thread for the last 5 days so I presume the answer is no. Maybe there's not enough room.

    Bill S.
  3. craig

    craig Active Member


    first off i will talk to the nailhead guru and get back to you guys, he is currently working on grinding me a bump stick for my electra it needs to be bigger to help with my trypwr setup but not too big or i will bend valves:mad: have a nice day
  4. JohnK

    JohnK Gas Guzzling Infidel

    I think Jim Burek at PAE can do this, I'm surprised he hasn't spoken up on this post yet.
  5. DugsSin

    DugsSin Well-Known Member

    Bill I believe that the 1.94-Intake and 1.50-Exhaust maxes out the space available in the bowl area.
    I recently purchased a set of Jim B's worked heads which has stainless valves and you can just squeeze a dime between the valves,this is the test I've heard used for Stage 1 heads.
    I feel that much more performance can be gained in back cut valves and porting and polishing, by a Buick specialist only!
    Heads will go into use over the winter.
    Just my .02 but it is where I've put my money.
  6. Bill Bailey

    Bill Bailey Well-Known Member

    That is good information, Thanks guys.
    Bill Bailey

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