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Discussion in 'The Choo-Choo shop' started by upstaged, Apr 11, 2008.

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    I am going to purchase a new enclosed trailer in the near future. Who makes the best quality enclosed , probably a 28 footer these days? Haulmark, Pace, Featherlite or Wells Cargo? I want a dual axle and plenty of room . Any thoughts on GVW and other options? I have been told that an equalizer bumper hitch setup is the way to go. Regards, Upstaged in Michigan.
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    I have a 28' foot Haulmark. Wouldn't buy anything else. Upgrade to the 12,000 lb axles. Then you get the 16" wheels and tires. This trailer will be for sale shortly. Interested ? Ken
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    Featherlite by far. All aluminum

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    Goldrush, T&E, Exiss.............Hows your bank account doing.....
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    I am very happy with my H&H trailer. Rivetless sides, LED's, and many other things that are considered by others as options are standard equipment. Do your research and look hard. is a great resource as well. Minimium would be 10000 gvwr for the axels. Keep in mind, some states will require you to step up to class A licenses if you are hauling more than 10 K behind your truck. Would stongly suggest an equalizer hitch. I have an '84 F-350 and that hitch makes the truck ride with a lot more confidence. Minimum of a 3/4 ton truck. Some 1/2 tons are rated for 10 K but you are definately at the ragged edge of control. Happy hunting.
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    Tough question, its like what TV is the best one.... I see your from Michigan, if you intend to use your trailer in the winter and if it will see any salt/snow even the best trailer will turn to junk in no time re:undercoat or rust check.
    Built in beavertail for hauling cars, 24 feet long w/o tongue is prob enough room to fit most cars, start going longer with a bumper tow and can be like pulling a sale boat in a cross wind. What ever you are considering look underneath and check the A frame/hitch rectangular tubing to see that the rectangular tubing extends through or under the front of the trailer and doesnt just end up being butt welded on the front crossmember. Good welds, good fit and finish, solid tie down points (look underneath), dark colour exteriors tend to expand and contract more than white in heat and cold (for the wrinkled look and possible loose exterior screws over time). I would stay away from plastic or fiberglass rounded fronts they tend to break over time. You can add all kinds of accessories later such as doors, windows, awnings, tie downs, cupboards Etc. Buy the trailer with upgraded susp and wheels(safety), LED lights(cool), elec tonge jack(very cool). An Escape door( so you can get out of your car if you drive it in), curbside front door, With the elec jack option the battery can then be used to run an inexpensive 12 volt winch for pulling your car into the trailer rather than driving it in.
    You may know all this stuff already but I've ordered a few trailers now and thought I would give you something to think about. ps I couldn't afford an all aluminum trailer but would have to agree with Mark on the quality of the Featherlight.
    Good luck:TU: , Gord
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