Battery boiling over

Discussion in 'Sparky's corner' started by mrbuick65, Feb 23, 2020.

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    Hey guys! I have a 65 Skylark GS. Have not driven it for a bit. Noticed lots of white powder at the battery as though it had boiled over. This could have been happening while was still driving it. I put a meter on the battery while running the car and the voltage was 13.8 which should be good. Maybe an intermittent problem. The voltage regulator is a transistor type and a few years old. Battery about 4. There is a condenser at the regulator. Do not know the age. Would this have anything to do with it and is there a replacement one? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, John
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    The condenser is used for noise suppression when the stock voltage regulator containing a relay is present. Otherwise, you would hear a pop in your AM radio each time the relay in the voltage regulator activated.
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    13.8 volts is bare minimum to charge the battery. Should be low to mid 14's depending on temperature and state of charge. Usually when a battery boils over it is because of overcharging. Check the voltage at higher RPM.
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    The battery in my 65 started to cook and the voltage was over 16 volts, glad it didn't blow up. A new solid state regulator fixed it. Since your voltage is in the correct range you could have a shorted cell in your battery. I use a Battery Minder 2012 that does a good job of desulfating a battery and also detects bad cells. What is the battery voltage with the engine not running? If it stays over 12.5 volts it should be OK.

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